ASA Membership

General Information about applying for membership

Applicants who apply online for membership in the Acoustical Society of America will obtain same-day access to the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) Online. Applicants who wish to apply using a printed application will receive access to JASA within three weeks.

Qualifications for each grade of membership and annual dues

New members can apply for all grades of membership online.  If you do not wish to join online download the print application form.

Student: Any student interested in acoustics who is enrolled in an accredited college or university for half time or more (at least eight semester hours). Dues: $45 per year.

Associate: Any individual interested in acoustics. Dues: $95 per year. After five years, the dues of an Associate increase to that of a full Member ($115).

Corresponding Electronic Associate: Any individual residing in a developing country, who wishes to have access to ASA’s online publications only, including the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Acoustics Today magazine, Noise Control and Sound archival magazines, and meeting programs. Dues: $45 per year.

Member:  Any person active in acoustics, who has an academic degree in acoustics or in a closely related field or who has had the equivalent of an academic degree in scientific or professional experience in acoustics, shall be eligible for election to Membership in the Society.  Election to full Membership may require six months or more for processing; dues as a full Member ($115) will be billed for subsequent years.

Transfer to full Membership:  Current members who wish to apply for full Membership may complete the application form and submit it to ASA by email.

Note: Dues payment includes a non-deductible allocation of $5.00 for Acoustics Today.

Benefits of membership

JASA Online – Vol. 1 (1929) to present
JASA Table of Contents E-mail alerts
JASA, printed or on CD ROM – payment of additional fee required  
JASA Express Letters – online
Acoustics Today–the quarterly magazine – online and printOnline
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics (POMA) – online
Acoustics Research Letters Online (ARLO) – online archive
Noise Control and Sound: Its Uses and Control– online archival magazines
Programs of meetingsOnlineOnlineOnlineOnline
Meeting Calls for PapersOnlineOnlineOnline
Reduced Meeting Registration Fees 
5 free American National Standards downloaded from Standards Store
Standards Discounts
Society Membership DirectoryOnlineOnlineOnlineOnline
Electronic Announcements
Physics Today magazine
Eligibility to vote and hold office in ASA   
Eligibility to be elected Fellow  
Participation in ASA Committees
Eligibility for insurance through APS Insurance Trust (see 

Journal options and costs

All Members automatically receive the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America online which is included with membership.

Student Members may add the JASA CD Rom at an additional cost of $35.

Corresponding Electronic Associates receive access to the Journal online only. Members in this category are not eligible to receive the print or CD Rom editions of the Journal

Associate Members may add the Journal in print or on CD Rom for an additional charge of $35, or a combination of print and CD Rom for an additional charge of $70.

Note: Applicants from outside North, South and Central America who choose to receive the print journal may choose air freight delivery of print journals for an additional charge of $160.00.

Effective date of membership

If your application for membership and dues payment are received by 15 September, your membership and Journal subscription will be made retroactive to 1 January of the current year and you will receive all back issues of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America for the current year. If your application is received after 15 September, however, your dues payment will be applied to the following year and your Journal subscription will begin on 1 January of the following year. New members who join after 15 September may opt to pay a fee for access to JASA online for the remainder of the current year.

Online access

The online version of JASA includes articles, letters to the editor, and technical notes and research briefs from for the period October 1929 (Vol 1, No 1) to December 1996. From January 1997 to the present additional items are included such as news sections and patent reviews.

Upon completion of the application process, you will receive e-mail messages from AIP Publishing containing your ASA member number, account number and information and instructions on how to set-up your access to JASA online. These messages will be sent to you by AIP Publishing.

Alternatively you may complete and return a User Agreement which can be downloaded here as a 30 kb PDF document.

Download, complete, and return the user agreement as indicated. Please remember that without a clearly written e-mail address, we will be unable to notify you that your online account set-up has been completed.

Generally, within 2 weeks after we have received your user agreement you will receive an e-mail message indicating that your account set-up has been completed. This message will also include instructions for you to go to the online registration site, where you must select a username and password for you to use to access The Journal of the Acoustical Society Online.

You must have your membership number available when you choose your username and password.

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