40.1 Charged with preparing a slate of candidates for the election to be held in the spring approximately eighteen months after the Committee is appointed.

40.2 Composed of six members who shall all be Fellows or full Members of the Society, including at least one past president, appointed at the fall meeting of the Executive Council and chosen so as to provide a diversity of technical fields of interest and geographical locations among the Committee members. The President shall designate one of the Committee members, ordinarily a past president, to be its Chair.

40.3 At least nine months before the election date (see § 3.14), the Committee shall provide the Executive Director with a slate of candidates chosen from among the Fellows and full Members of the Society and consisting of at least two candidates for the office of President-Elect, at least two for Vice President-Elect, and at least five and preferably six candidates for two positions on the Executive Council. Before submitting the slate, the Committee shall ensure that the candidates are willing to run for office and that they are Fellows or full Members of the Society in good standing.

40.4 After the slate is submitted, the Society’s office shall obtain brief biographical statements from each candidate prepared by the candidates themselves, and these shall accompany the ballots sent to those members eligible to receive such ballots (see § 3.5). In addition, candidates for the offices of President-Elect and Vice-President Elect shall submit brief statements (limited to 200 words) of their objectives for the Society to appear with the ballots.

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