22.1 Charged with assisting the Executive Council in acquiring, maintaining, and ensuring the correct expenditure of endowment funds, making annual specific dollar recommendations for awards and other Society activities, fund raising activities, and negotiating with prospective donors to the Society.

22.2 Additionally charged with ensuring Executive Council cognizance of the continuing opportunities, conditions, and restrictions of agreements with donors to the Society and to the former independent Acoustical Society Foundation.

22.3 Composed of approximately seven to nine members, including the Chair and the Treasurer as an ex-officio member. Other officers of the Society and voting members of the Executive Council shall not be members. Members are appointed for renewable terms of three years on a schedule that avoids many replacements at any one time. The Chair shall be a fellow of the Society with previous experience on the ASFB or the Executive Council.

22.4 The Chair shall be the presiding and administrative officer of the ASFB and shall report directly to the Executive Council at every regular meeting of the Society.

22.5 A member of the ASFB shall be a member of the Investments Committee (See § 34.2). The Chair of the AFSB shall be a non-voting, ex officio member of the Audit Committee described in § 26.3.

22.6 The Chair, or a designate, shall serve as the initial Society representative in negotiations between the Society and a prospective donor or contributor. Throughout negotiations, the Chair shall ensure that planned gift policies of the ASFB are respected.

22.7 Meetings of the ASFB, with preliminary agenda submitted by the Chair in advance, shall occur at least twice per year, normally at regular Society meetings.


Note: Refer to the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund webpage at https://acousticalsociety.org/foundation-fund/




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