37.1 Charged with proposing sites and dates for future meetings and meeting exhibits, subject to Executive Council approval; with providing a forum for exchanging information on meeting arrangements among Local Meeting Chairs; and with proposing changes in the meeting format for consideration by the Executive Council.

37.2 The Committee shall be composed of a Chair who shall have been a former Local Meeting Chair, appointed for a three-year term; the current Vice President and Vice President-Elect; three standing members recommended by the chair and  appointed for three-year terms; the Local Meeting Chairs of the current meeting, of the two most recent past meetings, and of the next three future meetings, and as ex-officio members, the Executive Director and the Society Director of Operations.

37.3 The Chair shall attend meetings of the Technical Council to provide liaison on matters concerning the organization of meetings.

37.4. Subcommittee for Jams. The Subcommittee for ASA Jams is charged with organizing the Jams at ASA meetings in coordination with the local committees. This includes being responsible for handling all details for arranging for players, providing equipment, either by rental or loan, negotiating and making final arrangements with equipment providers for rental, delivery, set-up, tear-down, and move-out of equipment, arranging for payments to vendors, and coordinating with the local committee the locations for the Jams. If a Jam will be held in a hotel meeting room, the Jams Subcommittee will coordinate with the local committee to select an appropriate room in the hotel for the Jam, arrange for access by the vendor to the hotel, and arrange for the use of hotel loading dock and delivery elevators for the move-in and move-out. Members of the local committee will make any necessary on-site visits. The subcommittee will also coordinate with the local committee for advertising the Jam in the Call for Papers and any arrangements for food and beverages. The Subcommittee will recommend an annual budget for the Jams. The Subcommittee for ASA Jams reports to the Meetings Committee.

Note: Refer to the meetings webpage for information about future meetings and other meeting related topics at https://acousticalsociety.org/asa-meetings/

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