41.1 Charged with reviewing candidates for the F.V. Hunt Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Acoustics, the James E. West Fellowship Minority Fellowship, and such other stipend-bearing fellowships and scholarships as may be established by the Executive Council; with performing other activities related to these fellowships and scholarships, and with making recommendations to the Executive Council. The recipient of each of these fellowships and scholarships, with the exception of the Robert W. Young Undergraduate Award, shall be approved by the Executive Council.

41.1.1 The proposed recipients of certain awards of the Society are reported to the Executive Council for approval through the Chair of the Committee, even though the Committee is not involved in the evaluation of their nominations or applications. Candidates for each of these awards are reviewed by a subcommittee in the specific technical or activity area that is involved.

41.2 Composed of six Fellows of the Society. The Chair should have served as a member of the Committee for at least one year, and is appointed for a two-year renewable term. Members of the Committee should be familiar with more than one technical area of acoustics in order to provide the maximum possible coverage of technical interests.

41.3 Upon request by the Chair of the Acoustical Society Foundation Board, the President may appoint the Chair of the Committee to participate, without vote, in Foundation Board discussions of the purpose and acceptability of a restricted gift being offered to the Society.

Note: Detailed Committee procedures are available from the office of the Society.

Note:  Refer to the Funding Resources page for information on available Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards  https://acousticalsociety.org/fellowships-and-scholarships/ and the Prizes page https://acousticalsociety.org/prizes/

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