1. Committee on Ethics and Grievances

29.1 Charged with reviewing the facts and recommending actions to the President relating to issues of ethics or grievances that have been referred to the Committee by the President. The Committee shall not consider any grievances by employees of the Society since they are covered separately by personnel procedures.

29.2 Composed of the Chair and at least three, but not more than six, additional Members or Fellows of the Society who shall be representative of the broad diversity of the Society’s membership. The Committee shall not include any current members of the Executive Council.

29.3 A member of the Committee who has a potential conflict of interest on a particular issue shall be excused from related discussion or other action on behalf of the Committee. The committee member may be excused either at the discretion of the President or at the request of the committee member.

29.4 The Chair of the Committee shall report to the Executive Council at least annually at regular spring meetings on the current state of issues before it, or report that no such issues exist.

29.5 The Chair of the Committee shall report to the President its recommendations on any specific issue in writing within one year from the date on which the issue was referred to the Committee. The President shall then request approval of the recommendations at the next regular meeting of the Executive Council. If approved, the parties shall be informed of the decision of the Executive Council and any actions to be taken. The Society should not entertain an appeal of an approved decision unless significant new information warrants it.

Note: Recommended procedures that should be followed in an attempt to resolve an ethical issue or grievance can be found on the Society website.

Note: Refer to the Procedures for Filing Grievances at https://acousticalsociety.org/procedures

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