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Core Values of the Acoustical Society of America

The following positions have been adopted by the ASA Panel on Public Policy and endorsed by the Executive Council:

20 July 2021
Core Values of the Acoustical Society of America

Sound is a ubiquitous phenomenon that permeates the natural and anthropogenic worlds. Thus, the core values that drive the actions, policies, and objectives of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), include:

  1. Dedication to excellence as a premier global organization that serves the world-wide acoustics community with integrity and transparency;
  2. Broad, open, honest, respectful, and accessible inquiry into the science and practical applications of acoustics, through thoughtful and tolerant oral and written discourse;
  3. A welcoming atmosphere of openness and inclusion for all members, potential members, authors, meeting attendees, those who interact with the ASA, and those who have an interest in acoustics, regardless of status or capability;
  4. Advocacy for wide dissemination of acoustical knowledge at the local, state, national, and international levels to generate, promote, and advance the science and applications of acoustics;
  5. Provision of information and policy reviews to inform societal decision-making on how acoustics, acoustical principles, and standards can be used to sustainably improve the human condition, and preserve and restore acoustical environments;
  6. Service to current and future generations through the promotion, publication, and archival documentation of the science and applications of acoustics supported by a fair, deliberative, and rigorous review process; and
  7. Attraction, development, encouragement, education, and mentoring of current and future generations of acousticians from diverse backgrounds.


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