Past Tutorial Lectures

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Julian D. Maynard, Acoustical Imaging, May 1986

Raymond D. Kent and Sheila E. Blumstein, Speech Production and Perception, December 1986

Lawrence R. Rabiner, Digital Signal Processing, May 1987

Thomas D. Rossing, An Introduction to Musical Acoustics, November 1987

Jiri Tichy, Acoustic Intensity Technique, May 1988

Alan V. Oppenheim, Introduction to Digital Signal Processing, November 1988

M. Mohan Sondhi, Adaptive Signal Processing in Acoustics, November 1988

Herman Medwin, Acoustical Oceanography: Child of Ocean Acoustics, May 1989

Ewart A. Wetherill, Architectural Acoustics The Forgotten Dimension, November 1989

Peter Dallos, Cochlear Mechanics, May 1990

Chris R. Fuller, Active Control of Sound and Vibration, November 1990

Robert T. Beyer, Nonlinear Acoustics, April 1991

Stephen Grossberg, Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition with Applications to Acoustics and Speech, November 1991

Thomas G. Stockham, Digital Audio, May 1992

Ilene J. Busch-Vishniac, Transduction Mechanisms, October 1992

Tony F. W. Embleton, Noise Outdoors, May 1993

Patricia K. Kuhl, Speech Perception, October 1993

Gary W. Siebein, Architectural Acoustics, June 1994

Robert E. Apfel, Acoustic Cavitation: Sonic Effervesence, November 1994

Alan Powell,Flow Induced Sound, May 1995

Gabriel Weinreich, Overview of Musical Instrument Physics, November 1995

William M. Hartmann, Pitch, Periodicity, and the Brain, May 1996

Ben H. Sharp, Sound Transmission Through Structures Protecting Occupants from Exterior Noise, December 1996

James G. Miller, Medical Ultrasonic Imaging, June 1997

Whitlow W. L. Au, The Dolphin Echolocation System, December 1997

Seth Putterman, Probing the Unknowns of Sonoluminescence, September 1998

Uwe J. Hansen and James M. Pyne, An Evening with the Art and Science of Music: The Families of Musical Instruments: Physics and Performance, November 1999

Julius O. Smith, III, Virtual Musical Instruments, November 2000

Thomas D. Rossing, Uwe J. Hansen, and a team of Chicago-area physics teachers, Demonstration Experiments: Video and Audio for Teaching Acoustics, May 2001

Tony F. W. Embleton, Noise Propagation and Prediction Outdoors, December 2001

James M. Simmons, Keep Your Ear on the Ball: Display of Targets in the Bat's Sonar Receiver, June 2002

Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Hearing in Three Dimensions, April 2003

Peggy B. Nelson, Classroom Acoustics, November 2003

Leo L. Beranek and David Griesinger, Listening to the Acoustics in Concert Halls, May 2004

Gerald S'Spain and Douglas Wartzok, Ocean Noise and Marine Mammals, November 2004

Carol Espy-Wilson, Automatic Speech Recognition, May 2005

E. Carr Everbach, Diagnostic Imaging in Biomedical Ultrasound, October 2005

Emil Okal, The 2004 Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami: Multidisciplinary Lessions from an Oceanic Monster, June 2006

Uwe J. Hansen, Musical Acoustics: Science and Performance, June 2007

Alfred J. Bedard, Weather and Acoustics, November 2007

Joe W. Posey, Aircraft Noise Prediction, November 2008

Ela Lamblin, Leah Lamblin, Uwe W. Hansen, The Art and Science of Unique Musical Instruments, May 2009

Kathleen P. King, Podcasting Demystified:  From Concept to Production For Every Budget, October 2009

Robert J. Dooling, Animal Hearing, April 2010

Geoffrey Stewart Morrison and Daniel Ramos, Forensic Voice Comparison and Forensic Acoustics, November 2010

Ronald A. Roy, Photoacoustic Sensing and Imaging, May 2011

Ralph T. Muehleisen, Acoustics of Green Buildings, October 2011

Antoine J. Chaigne, The Acoustics of Pianos, October 2012

Leon Cohen and Patrick Loughlin, Time-Frequency Analysis:Theory and Applications, December 2013

Floyd TooleSound Reproduction:Science in the Service of Art, May 2014

Uwe J. Hansen and The New World Youth Symphony, Musical Acoustics: Science and Performance, October 2014

Arthur H. Popper, Man-Made Noise and Aquatic Life: Data, Data Gaps, and Speculation, October 2014

Victor W. Sparrow, Sonic Booms: A “Super” Sonic Saga, October 2015

Andrew N. Norris, Acoustic Metamaterials, May 2016

Roger M. Waxler, Infrasound Phenomenology, Propagation, and Detection, December 2017

Andrew J. Oxenham, Hearing Loss and the Future of Auditory Implants, May 2018

Tom Dakin, Introduction to Sound in the Sea, November 2018

Michelle E. Swearingen, Computational Methods for Describing Acoustic Propagation in Forests


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