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Fall 2015 Meeting
Jacksonville, Florida
2-6 November 2015


Photo: Courtesy of Sean Pavone

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AIP Names New CEO

Applied Physicist Robert G.W. Brown to Join American Institiute of Physics as CEO.

2015 ASA Election Results

New Officers and Members of the Executive Council have been elected.

JASA Special Issues

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) will publish a second special issue on Acoustic Metamaterials and is currently accepting manuscripts for a Special Issue entitled “Acoustic and Related Waves in Extraterrestrial Environments.”

Recently Published

This paper proposes a method for structural sensing of acoustic potential energy for active control of noise in a structural-acoustic cavity. The sensing strategy aims at global control and works with a fewer number of sensors. It is based on the established...

Jul 01, 2015

The spatial variation in vector acoustic intensity has been calculated between 100 and 3000 Hz near a high-performance military aircraft. With one engine of a tethered F-22A Raptor operating at military power, a tetrahedral intensity probe was moved to 27 locations in the geometric near and mid-fields to obtain the frequency-dependent intensity vector field. The angles of the maximum intensity region rotate from aft to sideline with increasing frequency, becoming less directional above 800 Hz. Between 100...

Jul 01, 2015