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Spring 2016 Meeting
Salt Lake City, Utah 
23 -27 May 2016




Utah Capital City At Night
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Salt Lake City Meeting Information
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ASA School 2016



Notice to: Salt Lake City Meeting abstract authors.
If you are a student or early career acoustician,
you are eligible to attend ASA School 2016.
Visit the ASA School 2016 webpage for details.
Application deadline is 16 February.


ASA seeks Education and Outreach Coordinator

ASA is seeking an Education and Outreach Coordinator to work with the Committee on Education in Acoustics to implement acoustics education and outreach initiatives.

International Commission for Acoustics


The International Commission for Acoustics announced the winner of the of the International Year of Sound logo design competition.

Acoustical Society Announces Strategic Leadership for the Future Plan

At its bi-annual meeting in Jacksonville Florida this week, the Acoustical Society of America approved the Strategic Leadership for the Future Plan.  

Recently Published

Stress-dependent elastic moduli of polycrystalline materials are used in a statistically based model for the scattering of ultrasonicwaves from randomly oriented grains that are members of a stressed...

Feb 12, 2016

It has been shown that intelligibility can be improved for cochlear implant(CI) recipients with the ideal binary mask (IBM). In realistic scenarios where prior information is unavailable, however, the IBM must be estimated, and these estimations will inevitably contain errors. Although the effects of both unstructured and structured binary mask errors have been investigated with normal-hearing (NH) listeners, they have not...

Feb 12, 2016

A method is proposed to evaluate in a non-contact way the phase velocity dispersion curves of circumferential waves around a shell of arbitrary shape immersed in a fluid. No assumptions are made about the thickness or the material of the shell. A geometrical model is derived to describe the shape of the radiated wavefronts in the surrounding fluid, and predict the positions of its centers of curvature. Then the time-reversal...

Feb 11, 2016