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Fall 2015 Meeting
Jacksonville, Florida
2-6 November 2015


Photo: Courtesy of Sean Pavone

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Christopher Struck named ASA Standards Director

Christopher J. Struck has been appointed Standards Director of the Acoustical Society of America

New ASA Fellows Elected in Spring 2015

Congratulations to the following ASA members who were elected to Fellowship on 22 May 2015

JASA Special Issues

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA) will publish a second special issue on Acoustic Metamaterials and is currently accepting manuscripts for a Special Issue entitled “Acoustic and Related Waves in Extraterrestrial Environments.”

Recently Published

Responses obtained in consonant perception experiments typically show a large variability across stimuli of the same phonetic identity. The present study investigated the influence of different potential sources of this response variability. It was distinguished between source-induced variability, referring to perceptual differences caused by acoustical differences in the speech tokens and/or the masking noise tokens, and...

Sep 01, 2015

When modeling thermoacoustic (TA) devices at high amplitude, nonlinear effects such as time-average mass flows, and the generation of higher harmonics can no longer be neglected. Thus far, modeling these effects in TA devices required a generally...

Sep 01, 2015

This study examined the effects of sentence predictability and masker modulation type on the fluctuating masker benefit (FMB), the improvement in speech reception thresholds resulting from fluctuations imposed on a steady-state masker. Square-wave modulations resulted in a larger FMB than sinusoidal ones. FMBs were also larger for high compared to low-predictability sentences, indicating that high sentence predictability increases the benefits from glimpses of the target speech in the dips of the...

Sep 01, 2015