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5th Joint Meeting
Acoustical Society of America and Acoustical Society of Japan
Honolulu, Hawaii
28 Nov. - 2 Dec. 2016



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New Fellows of the Acoustical Society of America Elected in Spring 2016

Congratulations to the following ASA members who were elected to Fellowship status by the Executive Council on 27 May 2016

Acoustical Society of America’s New Education and Outreach Coordinator

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) has selected L. Keeta Jones as its Education and Outreach Coordinator.   

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Recently Published

During visual category learning, full feedback (e.g., “Wrong, that was a category 4.”), relative to minimal feedback (e.g., “Wrong.”), enhances performance when the relevant dimensions are separable. This pattern is reversed with inseparable dimensions. Here, the interaction between trial-by-trial feedback and separability of dimensions in the domain is examined. Participants were trained to categorize auditory stimuli along separable or inseparable dimensions. One group received full feedback, while the other group received minimal feedback. In the...

Aug 25, 2016

Understanding speech within an auditory scene is constantly challenged by interfering noise in suboptimal listening environments when noise hinders the continuity of the speech stream. In such instances, a typical auditory-cognitive system perceptually integrates available speech information and “fills in” missing...

Aug 25, 2016

The paper presents a perturbation approach for calculating amplitude-dependent Lamb wave dispersion in nonlinear plates. Nonlinear dispersion relationships are derived in closed form using a hyperelastic stress-strain constitutive relationship, the Green-Lagrange strain measure, and the partial...

Aug 24, 2016