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ASA Statement on Diversity and Inclusiveness in the Field of Acoustics

In light of the recent US Supreme Court rulings regarding college admissions and the unclear impact on professional societies, we as leaders in the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) feel it is imperative to reaffirm our commitment to enhancing the diversity and inclusiveness of our scientific community. We restate our belief that diversity enriches the field of acoustics. In fact, the importance of diverse perspectives and ensuring an inclusive environment cannot be overstated and is largely supported by empirical evidence. We invite our members to engage with our diversity-focused initiatives by joining with the Committee to Improve Racial Diversity and Inclusivity (CIRDI) to remove barriers and create inclusive environments for full participation in the field of acoustics.

In closing, we restate ASA’s core values, which include: “Attraction, development, encouragement, education, and mentoring of current and future generations of acousticians from diverse backgrounds.” We invite you to view our complete diversity policy and core values.

The Officers of the Acoustical Society of America
5 July 2023

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