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Inside Science Television (ISTV) produces short-form news vignettes about cutting-edge research and development in science, engineering, and mathematics designed to fit seamlessly into local television newscasts in markets across the United States and around the world.  Stories about acoustics, noise, sound, vibration, and other topics can be found by visiting the ISTV Website.

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Scientists Detect the Sounds of Undersea Volcanoes Belching Giant Bubbles

Why Everything is Getting Louder

Get Off My Lawn
How a small group of activists (our correspondent among them) got leaf blowers banned in the nation’s capital

Squirrels Relax When They Hear Birds Relaxing
Scientists show that squirrels have one ear tuned to the chatter of birds, and act on what they learn from eavesdropping.

Human speech may have a universal transmission rate: 39 bits per second

Watch a tiny worm make one of the loudest sounds in the ocean

Translating proteins into music, and back

Stethoscopes: An experimental study

Statistical mechanics meets music theory

Browsing Deer Affect How A Forest Sounds

Quantum Music To My Ears

Sound waves bypass visual limitations to recognize human activity

ASA East and South-East Asia (ESEA) Regional Chapter of The Acoustical Society of America holds Charter Ceremony

These ocean floats can hear earthquakes, revealing mysterious structures deep inside Earth

Human noise may be scrambling the eggs of baby fish

Photoacoustic imaging enables scientists to step up war on cancer

The best place for a bird’s voice box is low in the airway, researchers find

Mysterious river dolphin helps crack the code of marine mammal communication

Morphing origami takes a new shape, expanding use possibilities

To Save the Sound of a Stradivarius, a Whole City Must Keep Quiet

The best place for a bird’s voice box is low in the airway, researchers find

USITT Architecture Awards

These Whales Are Serenaders of the Seas. It’s Quite a Racket

Artificial intelligence turns brain activity into speech

The sound of a tropical forest

These sound waves can levitate and move particles in new ways





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