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The ASA‘s Committee for Improving Racial Diversity and Inclusivity (CIRDI) offers a summer research and internship experience for undergraduate students from identities that are underrepresented in acoustics and the ASA. This includes, but is not limited to, undergraduate students that identify as Black, Latino/a, Native American, Pacific Islander, and Alaskan Native. We are seeking mentors for these students.

The 12-week internship program in Summer 2023, including one (1) week of an in-person short course for undergraduate students from various academic backgrounds, followed by a paid in-person internship in various academic and industry environments, and support to participate at an upcoming ASA meeting where they are encouraged to present about their summer projects.

  • Direct mentorship and instruction of the student
  • Availability of the mentor to attend ally and mentoring workshops provided by ASA consultants
  • Integrate undergraduate students with identities underrepresented in acoustics into your activities and groups, provide opportunities for scientific, practical, and career development
  • Maintain relationships with the students in the program remotely and at conferences over the next 1-2 years
    Please view the complete mentor expectations document .

Other desirable mentoring contributions include:

  • Prior experience with diverse students and employees
  • Active group experiences that provide a cohort that can support the students
  • Possibility of the local agency to sponsor the internship program

In return, we expect that the mentors and their teams will gain the benefit of new perspectives and will help the Society expand our reach within underrepresented groups. We are already involved in active recruitment of qualified students.

We welcome the involvement of members from all areas of acoustics, including academic and industry partners. We believe that this initiative could be a strong step in the right direction of making the ASA more diverse and inclusive, and we welcome your involvement. We appreciate you giving this your consideration and discussing this with your own acoustics group. Please fill out the mentor application below if you would like to be a SURIEA mentor.

We encourage you to reach out to the Committee chair, Tyrone Porter, or to the vice-chair, Peggy Nelson if you have questions. Let us hear from you!

Tyrone Porter and Peggy Nelson

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