Summer Undergraduate Research or Internship Experience in Acoustics

SURIEA Sponsorship Opportunities

The Summer Undergraduate Research or Internship Experience in Acoustics (SURIEA) is an intensive summer program in acoustics designed for under-represented undergraduate students from across the country. This program emphasizes training, mentoring, research, and preparing students for graduate studies & careers in acoustics. Your support of SURIEA will inspire the next generation of acousticians and make the field of acoustics more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming. Please review the sponsorship opportunities below. The program will welcome approximately 10 – 20 students.

Intern Scholarship
Financial support for one or more students in the program will be granted in the name of the sponsor. Sponsors at this level will be invited to the end of summer SURIEA Open House and the in-person SURIEA Social at the national ASA Meeting. If a sponsor would like to mentor a student, please contact the program organizers.

Acoustics Short Course
Help SURIEA students come together to learn foundational acoustics information and to build networks of support with each other, the SURIEA instructors, and Graduate Students and local acousticians. Sponsors at this level will be invited to attend a special social event to meet SURIEA participants during the short course week.

Come meet current and past SURIEA students, mentors, and committee organizers at the national ASA Meeting. This event will be open to all meeting attendees, so it will be a great opportunity to meet people in the acoustics community.

In-Person Networking Event
Sponsors can organize a special in-person networking or professional development event during the Short Course week to interact with the SURIEA students. Event types can be job talks, Q&As, local facilities tours etc. Availability will be limited. The contribution will vary depending on the event type.

SURIEA Open House
Help the SURIEA students in their professional development journey by creating a space for them to present their work to their fellow cohort members, program mentors, ASA leaders, and invited guests. Sponsors at this level will be invited to attend and hear about all the work the students have done throughout the summer.

Virtual Networking Events
Sponsors can organize a virtual event to be attended by the SURIEA students such as job talks, Q&As, roundtables, etc. Availability will be limited.

Sponsors can provide branded items to gift to SURIEA students as part of our welcome package. Please contact us if you have any in-kind donations.


If you don’t see the opportunity you are looking for, contact Susan Fox at

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