RNS Acoustics

Location: San Diego, CA

RNS Acoustics is a consulting firm based out of Southern California and was started in 2016. We offer acoustic and vibration solutions for everything from home studios to multi-million-dollar facilities.  Typical projects include industrial equipment vibration isolation, HVAC noise reduction, noise barrier design, amphitheater acoustic design, studio design and architectural acoustic design.  We service clients across the USA including the University of California San Diego, Xenia Resorts and Hotels, SpaceX, San Diego Zoo, Northrup Grumman, Kirei USA, Arcadis, A24 Films, and a large number of Architects and Builders. We are always looking for new challenges and opportunities.

RNS Acoustics is currently seeking a Junior Acoustical Consultant to support their San Diego office.   A successful candidate will have the following qualifications:


Bachelors in Acoustics, Electrical, Mechanical, Physics, Mathematics or similar field of study.

Will also accept an associate’s degree in acoustical engineering or equivalent.


24+ years of experience in acoustic consulting (preferred)

Experience in the AV, Live Sound, or Studio Recording worlds will also be considered.


Able to prepare technical reports for multi-faceted acoustic analysis and design.

Strong skills in MS Word and MS Excel.

Experience reviewing, verifying and marking up architectural, electrical and mechanical plans)

Exceptional technical writing and presentation skills

Strong skills with audio/acoustic measurement equipment (Sound Level Meters, Speakers, microphones, dataacquisition devices, etc)

Job Duties

Able to perform, or quickly acquire the skills to perform, all facets of acoustic measurements, analysis and reporting.

Conduct STC, IIC, RT60 and vibration field measurements as well as CNEL and noise studies required by various cities.

Analyzing transmission loss data, impact isolation data, reverberation time data and vibration data.

Developing acoustically robust floor and wall assembly details.

Create noise models for environmental analysis such as barrier, terrain and traffic noise. (preferred but not required)

Site Verification visits to ensure proper installation of provided specifications

Interacting with clients and presenting reports/ recommendations in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Additional Skills (not required, but a plus)

-2D Drafting

Familiarity with acoustic measurements and reporting standards, including ASTM E1007, E336, E413, E989 and C423.

Familiarity with various acoustic analysis software such as Insul, Ease, Treble, NTi, Dewesoft, REW, Soundplan, CadnaA

Able to work with and adapt to the various personality types within the company.

Exceptional people skills



Some travel may be required.  Frequency depends on client needs and employee availability.


Full-time preferred, part-time by be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Part-time will be compensated hourly at a rate to be agreed upon with management.

Full-time employees will receive benefits including Health, Dental, Vision, Retirement Plan as well as Paid Time Off and Holidays.  

Salary will be competitive and commensurate with the qualifications of the successful applicant.

All interested applicants should send resume/ cover letter to RYAN@RNSACOUSTICS.COM


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