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Inside Science Television (ISTV) produces short-form news vignettes about cutting-edge research and development in science, engineering, and mathematics designed to fit seamlessly into local television newscasts in markets across the United States and around the world.  Inside Science is supported by the American Institute of Physics and a group of underwriters, including ASA and other science, technology, engineering and mathematics organizations.

The following videos were produced by Inside Science TV on acoustics-related topics. To see more stories about acoustics, noise, sound, vibration, and other topics visit the ISTV Website.

Cochlear Implants:Music to Your Ears

Scientists help cochlear implant wearers enhance their experience listening to music

Ultrasound Can Heal Chronic Wounds.

Sound waves could speed up the healing of open wounds.

The Acoustics Of Beatboxing

Beatboxer sounds could inspire new vocal-disability treatments.

Keeping Coral Communication Open

Sea life talks and what they’re saying could save their lives.

Ping Pong Balls Break The Sound Barrier

Air-powered cannon demonstrates physics concepts.

Technology Can Detect Driver Phone Use

Acoustics can pinpoint whether a driver, or a passenger, is working with a smartphone inside a car in efforts to reduce distracted driving.

Parks Monitor Noise to Protect Nature, Environment

A program conducted by the National Park Service performs acoustical measurements of artificial park noise to help safeguard wildlife.

Birdsongs Can Shed Light on Autism, Speech

Singing-related genes may provide clues on human disorders.

Acoustics Detects Grape-Eating Insects in Vineyards

Method could save vineyards money, lead to lower wine costs.

Shape-shifting Bat Ears May Inspire Better Microphones, Navigation

Biologists discover new properties in bat ears.

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