Ahmed A. Al-Jumaily

For contributions to biomedical applications of acoustics and vibrations

Jan Dettmer

For contributions to inversion methods and uncertainty quantification applied to geoacoustics

Brian F. Katz

For contributions to measurement techniques and spatial hearing for auditory virtual reality

Eleanor P. Stride

For contributions to the modelling, development, and manufacturing of acoustically responsive biomaterials

Richard D. Costley, Jr.

For contributions to the analysis of battlefield acoustics and the acoustical properties of structures

Joseph R. Gladden, III

For service to and leadership in the field of physical acoustics

Colleen Reichmuth

For contributions to pinniped acoustics

Not Pictured

Dorian S. Houser
For advancing the understanding of the impacts of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals

Catherine L. Rogers
For contributions to speech communication through service, mentoring, and scholarship

David S. Woolworth
For contributions to general architectural acoustics and service to the Society

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