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Campaign for ASA Early Career Leadership

Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders

ASA Foundation Fund Launches Major Fundraising Campaign

The ASA has been developing a range of initiatives with the goal of expanding promotion and participation by early career members in academics, industry, government, and consulting. These initiatives began in 2016 as an outgrowth of the ASA Strategic Leadership Plan for the Future. An Early-Career Acousticians Retreat (EAR) was offered in conjunction with the spring 2016 ASA meeting in Salt Lake City and a second EAR will be held following the San Diego meeting in fall 2019. Early Career Travel Subsidies have also been offered to support attendance by early career members at ASA meetings. A range of workshops aimed at early career professionals have been developed including speed networking events, publishing workshops, and a grant panel. Lastly, communication with our early career members have been improved by sending emails that highlight meeting activities that may be of particular interest to them as well as ways to become more deeply engaged with the Society. The continuation of these activities will be supported by the newly formed Member Engagement Committee.

To further support the next generation of scientists and dedicated leaders in acoustics and the ASA, a new fellowship program, ASA Early Career Leadership Fellows, has been developed.  Early career acousticians who are selected for these fellowships must show commitment to ASA and to new personal endeavors that will reward the Society and enhance their personal growth as future leaders at the same time.  The plan is to award two fellowships annually, each on the order of $6,000, to support activities that enhance the Fellows’ leadership skills and/or potential within their profession and within the ASA, as proposed by the applicants themselves.

The Acoustical Society Foundation Board has accepted the challenge of the fundraising campaign to support these Fellowships – named the Campaign for ASA Early Career Leadership: Supporting the Next Generation of Leaders – with a goal to raise $300,000 between October 2017 and May 2020.

Contribution Categories

The contribution categories listed below reflect the desire to provide opportunities for all ASA members, new and old, to show their support to the Society, and to afford those with more resources the opportunities to be part of the future growth and envisioned future of the Society.

Contributions of any amount to the Campaign for ASA Early Career Leadership are now being accepted!

Click the link below to make a donation using your credit card or PAYPAL account.  You may also send a check made out to the Acoustical Society of America, with a note that the donation is specifically for this campaign:

The Campaign for ASA Early Career Leadership
c/o Acoustical Society of America
1305 Walt Whitman Rd, Suite 300
Melville, NY 11747-4300

All donations are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged by the ASA, a 501(c)3 organization.


Campaign Ad Hoc Committee

The following volunteers on the Campaign’s ad hoc committee are excited to draw on the enthusiasm and support of ASA members to bring the goals of this campaign to fruition. Please contact any of the members for more information.
Carl J. Rosenberg
Stan E. Dosso
Judy R. Dubno
Lauren R. Ronsse
Himanshu Shekar
Michael R. Stinson

For more information, please refer to the following:

• October 2017 Acoustical Society Foundation Fund Newsletter
Summer 2018 flyer


Acoustical Society Foundation Fund
1305 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 300, Melville, NY 11747-4300 • 516-576-2360

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