We are pleased to announce that the summer 2018 issue of Acoustics Today, the Acoustical Society of America’s magazine, is now on-line. The issue includes several articles as well as a variety of interesting essays. The articles are:

Featured Articles

Sensitivity to Foreign Accent – Kenneth J. de Jong

The New Age of Sound: How Bell Telephone Laboratories and Leopold Stokowski Modernized Music – Gabrielle E. O’Brien

Canadian Innovations in Naval Acoustics from World War II to 1967 – Cristina D. S. Tollefsen

Quantitative Ultrasound and the Management of Osteoporosis – Keith A. Wear, Brent K. Hoffmeister, and Pascal Laugier

Speech: It’s Not as Acoustic as You Think – Matthew B. Winn

Sound Perspectives

ASA’s Publications: Spotlight on Quality – James Lynch, Elizabeth Bury, Mary Guillemette, and Helen Wall Murray

Archives and History Committee – Fredericka Bell-Berti

Insights on Navigating the Two-Body Problem – Tracianne B. Neilsen and Lauren M. Ronsse

Ask an Acoustician – William A. Yost and Micheal L. Dent


ASA Members will receive a print version of Acoustics Today in a few weeks.

Acoustics Today is open access so anyone can download and read articles from all issues of the magazine.

Arthur N. Popper
Editor, Acoustics Today


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