Technical Specialty Group on Computational Acoustics

The Technical Specialty Group on Computational Acoustics was established by the ASA Executive Council in May 2018.

The chair of the Group is:

D. Keith Wilson, Chair
U.S. Army Cold Regions Research Engineering Laboratory
72 Lyme Rd.
Hanover, NH 03755-1290

Technical Specialty Groups are established to organize technical sessions at meetings of the Society in new or evolving acoustical areas not within the scopes of the existing Technical Committees for fields of technical interest which may be smaller than those of the usual Technical Committees.

A Technical Specialty Group is expected to organize at least one technical session each year in a technical area within its scope, and may cosponsor additional sessions in cooperation with Technical Committees, other Technical Specialty Groups or Interdisciplinary Technical Groups. The Group is not eligible for technical area awards of the Society, but may encourage the timely preparation and submission of dossiers on candidates for Fellowship of the Society. Other activities and responsibilities of Technical Specialty Groups, including the submission of proposals for technical initiatives and Distinguished Lectures shall be similar to those of Technical Committees.

The technical scope of the Computational Acoustics Technical Specialty Group includes the following topics:
• Numerical methods for acoustic wave propagation, scattering, structural interactions, and other acoustically related phenomena.
• Optimization, parallelization, and acceleration of computational algorithms.
• Validation, benchmarking, and uncertainty analysis in computational models.
• Computational learning methods, data analytics, and visualization.
• Practical utilization of acoustical computations for engineering and noise control, and integration into other simulations.

Members of the Session Organizing Committee 2018-2019

D. Keith Wilson, Chair, Term to 2021

Term to 2021
Sheri Martinelli
Michelle Swearingen
Z. Charlie Zheng

Term to 2020
Amanda Hanford
Scott Miller
Wendy Newcomb
Shung Sung

Term to 2019
Yun Jing
Jason Summers
Martin Verweij
Kuangcheng Wu

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