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PURPOSE : To generate, disseminate, and promote the knowledge and practical applications of acoustics.




In the spring of 2014, ASA leadership initiated a strategic planning process to address the question, “How will ASA need to change the way it does business, if at all, within a rapidly changing environment and uncertain publishing future, in order to maintain its position as the premier scientific society in acoustics?”

A series of one-on-one telephone interviews, supplemented by guided group discussions with the Executive Council and Technical Council at both the Providence and Indianapolis meetings formed the basis of an extensive report, which was distributed to all participants of a 2.5 day ASA Strategic Leadership for the Future Summit held in Austin, TX, in January 2015. The Summit brought together a cross section of the Society to discuss the issues facing the ASA including publications, finances, membership, and technology. The group created a shared vision for our future from 2015 to 2025.

At a follow-up meeting in March 2015, the ASA Executive Council distilled the Summit outcome into four outcome-focused goals and corresponding high-priority objectives.

There are four Task Forces advancing the major initiatives of the Strategic Plan.  Join the one that suits your interest or skill sets.

GOAL 1. Awareness of Acoustics

ASA engages and informs consumers, members of industry, educational institutions, and government agencies to recognize important scientific acoustics contributions. PRIORITY OBJECTIVE. Expand the promotion of ASA activities and resources through emerging media and online content

GOAL 2. Member Engagement and Diversity

ASA membership reflects societal diversity and the evolving multidisciplinarity of acoustics, ensuring its continued relevance to academics, industry, government, and practitioners across the globe and engaging acousticians throughout their entire careers. PRIORITY OBJECTIVE. Increase remote connectivity to meetings (committee meetings, courses, lectures, content) PRIORITY OBJECTIVE. Expand promotion and participation of early career members (prior to tenure, principal, or senior status)

GOAL 3. Dissemination of Information and Knowledge

ASA disseminates acoustics information and knowledge to a broad audience using the most effective means. PRIORITY OBJECTIVE. Streamline and upgrade author, reader, editor, and reviewer experience in all publications processes

GOAL 4. Financial Stewardship

ASA engages in wise, strategic stewardship to ensure sufficient resources to deliver maximum value both now and in the future. PRIORITY OBJECTIVE. Develop and implement a new business model, including the ASA Foundation Fund



Effective results from dedicated people…


Taking flight…

bird100px from our Executive Council meetings in Melville New York
bird100px to the Strategic Leadership for the Future Summit in Austin Texas

bird100px to the ratification of the plan at the 170th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Jacksonville, FL

to these initial results and accomplishments presented at the 171st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Salt Lake City, UT


Awareness of Acoustics

Work with Search Committee for Education Coordinator to revise job description.

The job description was revised. The competition has been completed and a new Education and Outreach Coordinator has been selected.

bird100px Progress:  Completed

Conduct contest for Explore Sound logo.

The competition attracted 53 entries worldwide. A panel of 10 judges (9 members of Task Force 1 and one graphic design person) determined the top five finalists. Final vote was opened to the ASA membership and run online using Survey Monkey. Winning logo design was created by Edith Moczarska.

bird100px Progress:  Completed 

Recommend seed funding to the ICA (International Commission for Acoustics) to support their initiative to have 2019 declared an International Year of Sound.

Approved with enthusiasm, funds have been made available to the ICA

bird100pxProgress: Completed


Review the outreach video produced by the Public Relations Committee

The outreach video was found to be interesting and effective. Comments were provided. [perhaps a link to the PR video, if they think it appropriate, and maybe a screen shot from the video

bird100pxProgress: Completed


Member Engagement & Diversity

Live Streaming of Presentations

Jacksonville – 7 special sessions + TC Noise meeting (2 rooms over 3 days)

  • 391 (42%): I am interested in having this paper’s presentation broadcast live in real-time over the internet, and recorded for later dissemination.
  • 156 (17%): I am interested in having this paper’s presentation broadcast live in real-time over the net

Salt Lake City – 19 technical sessions, as well as the TC Noise, TC PP and Education in Acoustics open committee meetings are being broadcast live over the internet

bird100px Progress:  Continued Growth at each meeting

Dissemination of Information and Knowledge 

Updating our templates (Word and LaTex) for JASA, JASA-EL and POMA
Expect LaTex template to be completed by Aug 1. Others will be pursued immediately afterwards.

Insuring our keyword search list is current and complete

bird100px Progress: Keyword for reviewers task is complete.

Financial Stewardship



bird100px Progress:  Completed – Full text here.



bird100px Progress:  Completed  – Anthony Atchley, Chair


bird100px Progress:  Completed



bird100px Progress:  Completed



bird100px Progress:  Completed


Champions Meeting



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