Location: Cambridge MA


POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE, Chemical Engineering, in the lab of Prof. Clark Colton, to work on a cross-disciplinary research project at the intersection of acoustics and characterization of living cells.  This project seeks to extend a novel method developed at MIT that makes use of backscatter and forward scatter of ultrasound from insonified particles to measure physical properties over a size range of nanoparticles to cell aggregates. Specifically, you will develop novel means to measure in real time the concentration and size distribution of cells in suspension and will explore a new approach to measure density and compressibility of cells for application to both bioprocessing and diagnosis of abnormal cells. Also of interest is investigation if such measurements can provide useful information about cell viability.

Responsibilities include operation of ultrasonic instrumentation to measure forward and backscatter from cellular suspensions, analysis of the signals to correlate them with concentration, size distribution, density and compressibility of particles and cells, as well as handling of the cells.

Job Requirements

REQUIRED:  Ph.D. in physics, acoustics and/or ultrasonics, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, or related field; experience with ultrasonic instrumentation, strong data analysis skills, including basic signal processing and MATLAB; self motivation, ability to prioritize and multitask, strong analytical, problem-solving, documentation, organizational, and interpersonal skills, and ability to execute detailed protocols carefully. Knowledge of fluid dynamics and capability for modeling interaction with acoustic phenomena, experience with acoustic transducers, wet laboratory skills, and experience or willingness to learn propagation, culturing, and handling of cells are desirable.

Please reply by sending an email to Include your CV (with publications) and a cover letter explaining your interest and suitability for the position. Be prepared to provide at least two letters of recommendation upon request.

A minimum one year commitment is required.




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