Weill Cornell Medicine

Location: New York, NY

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Available in the Department of Radiology of Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, NY

This is a cardiac, ultrasound-focused research position to be funded by an NIH/NHLBI grant supporting researchers in the Department of Radiology of Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) in New York City. The successful candidate will work closely with internationally recognized investigators at WCM, New York University, and North Carolina State University.

This project will develop new high-frequency ultrasound, plane-wave CMUT row-column instrumentation and signal-processing techniques to determine subtle changes in complex blood flow patterns in a mouse model of heart failure. Progressive changes to flow characteristics in a transverse aortic banding mouse model will be analyzed as a possible method of early detection prior to the development of left ventricle dilatation and heart failure

Daily responsibilities of the candidate include:

  • Create test protocols for collecting high-speed ultrasound data using high-speed plane-wave techniques.
  • Develop custom code for analyzing ultrasound data in your choice of software (MATLAB/Python/R/etc.). The analyses include flow characterization in small animals and phantoms, segmentation of cardiac structure, and strain imaging of myocardium.
  • Assemble and organize a database of in vivo cardiac data and oversee analysis of the data as it relates to the clinical goals of the research program.
  • Establish test protocols with clinical ultrasound machine, train clinical collaborators on feature and protocols use and manage data collection and transfer.
  • Become familiar with cardiac function and cardiac diseases such as diseases related to left ventricle disfunction.
  • Prepare visualizations of blood flow in format that provide insight into normal and abnormal flow patterns.



  • Earned a recent or soon to earn a doctorate in mechanical, electrical, biomedical engineering or related relevant field.
  • Experience with ultrasound imaging systems and technology.
  • Hands on experience programming and using Verasonics Vantage systems.
  • Proficiency with signal and image processing methods as they relate to ultrasound data processing.
  • Familiarity with Doppler processing methods, including methods to estimate magnitude and direction of flow.
  • Able to undertake benchtop ultrasound experiments to acquire reference flow data to validate imaging methods.
  • Productive publication record.
  • Experience presenting results at international scientific conferences.
  • Programming skills in MATLAB related to ultrasound data processing.


How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a single pdf file containing the following: 1) cover letter highlighting research interests and qualifications, 2) resume/CV, and 3) list of three references to Dr. Jeffrey Ketterling at jek4011@med.cornell.edu with subject line PostDoc/Cardiac.

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