Program of 179th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America

Acoustics Virtually Everywhere (AVE)
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    10-11 May 2024

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Acoustics Virtually Everywhere
The 179th Meeting of the
Acoustical Society of America

7-11 December 2020
(Note new dates)

Plenary Session and Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, 9 December 2020, 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Diane Kewley-Port, President

Acoustical Society of America

Annual Membership Meeting

Presentations by Committee and Meeting Chairs

James H. Miller, Chair Acoustical Society Foundation Fund

Brandon Cudequest, Acoustics Virtually Everywhere Technical Program Chair

Todd Hefner, Seattle Meeting Chair

Recognition of Prize and Scholarship Recipients

Brian J. Puckett, 2020 Leo and Gabriella Scholarship in Architectural Acoustics and Noise Control

Kenton Hummel, Frank and Virginia Winker Memorial Scholarship for Graduate Study in Acoustics

Daniel Butko, Rossing Prize in Acoustics Education

Recognition of New Fellows

Elected in December 2019

Jonas Braasch – For interdisciplinary contributions to musical acoustics and psychoacoustics of spatial audio technology

Cynthia G. Clopper – For contributions to the acoustics and perception of dialect variation

Stanislav Emelianov – For contributions in photoacoustic, molecular, and ultrasound elasticity imaging

Michael R. Haberman – For contributions to acoustic metamaterials and heterogeneous acoustic media

Joel Mobley – For contributions to the ultrasonic characterization of dispersive systems

Rolf Mueller – For advancing knowledge of the acoustics underlying echolocation in bats

Linda Polka – For contributions to native and non-native speech perception in infants and adults

Kuangcheng Wu –For contributions to the computational evaluation of acoustic radiation from submerged structures

Xiaoming Zhang – For contributions to ultrasound surface wave elastography in biomedical imaging

Elected in May 2020

Jee Woong Choi – For contributions to the field of acoustic reflection and scattering from the seabed and geoacoustic inversion

Alexander L. Francis – For contributions to understanding of cognitive-linguistic processes in speech perception, and mentorship of future scientists

Efren Fernandez-Grande – For contributions to acoustic signal processing for holography and sound field reconstruction

Bozena Kostek – For contributions to musical acoustics, artificial intelligence, and education

Siu-Kit Lau – For contributions to sustainable design in building acoustics, and education

Andrew C. Morrison – For service to the Society and acoustics education outreach

Eric L. Reuter – For contributions to architectural acoustics education and service to the Society

Kainam Wong – For contributions to signal processing of acoustic vector sensor arrays


Recognition of Award Recipients

R. Bruce Lindsay Award, Julien Bonnel

Silver Medal in Noise, Scott Sommerfeldt

Wallace Clement Sabine Medal, Gary Siebein

Gold Medal, Judy R. Dubno

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