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The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) once again facilitated remote participation in some technical sessions recently held at the ASA meeting in New Orleans (4-8 December 2017). A number of papers in the special sessions listed below were broadcast in real-time over the internet using GoToWebinar. Recordings of certain talks are now available for delayed viewing through 25 January 2018, if captured and agreed upon by the authors.  See below for the lists of available talks and their start times on each video.  To access the recordings, please click on the recording weblinks provided for each session.

ASA is offering this service specifically for members who were unable to attend the sessions in person, thereby broadening access to meeting content. During this piloting phase, there is no cost to ASA members.  Please note that photography, audio, and video recordings of content from ASA sessions are strictly prohibited, whether in person or over the internet.

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1aSA. Standards in Structural Acoustics and Vibration (Cosponsor: ASACOS)
Monday, 4 December 2017 – 8:55 AM to 12:00 PM CST

Chair: Benjamin Shafer (PABCO Gypsum)


0:00:00 1aSA1 A review of ASTM International standards relating to impact sound transmission in buildings Jerry Lilly (partial)
0:02:25 1aSA4 Considerations for the evaluation of impact sound from heavy impact sources in adjacent spaces William Eaton (partial)
0:10:07 1aSA5 Method for evaluating and predicting noise from hard, heavy impact sources David Dong
0:26:26 1aSA6 Non-standard uses of the mechanical tapping machine in field measurements Jerry Lilly
0:46:05 1aSA8 Methods for calculating flanking noise transmission David Dong


1aSP. Source Tracking with Microphone/Hydrophone Arrays I
Monday, 4 December 2017 – 9:00 AM to 11:35 AM CST

Cochairs: Kainam Thomas Wong (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and Siu Kit Lau (National Univ. of SIngapore)


0:00:00 1aSP4 Tracking time varying multipath phase at very low signal to noise ratios Paul Gendron
0:47:00 1aSP6 Echolocation and flight strategies of aerial-feeding bats during natural foraging Emyo Fujioka
1:10:43 1aSP7 Adaptive cubature Kalman filtering for distant speech tracking using a circular microphone array Xiang Pan


1pAO. Acoustic Scattering from Hydrocarbons and Hydrothermal Vents (Cosponsor: UW)
Monday, 4 December 2017 – 1:00 PM to 4:10 PM CST

Cochairs: Daniela Di Iorio (University of Georgia), Alexandra Padilla (University of New Hampshire) and Christopher Bassett (National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Fisheries Science Center)


0:00:00 1pAO2 Observing the evolution and fate of free methane in the ocean Thomas Weber
0:23:40 1pAO3 Investigating bubble transport and fate in the watercolumn with calibrated broadband split-beam echosounder data Elizabeth Weidner
0:39:05 1pAO4 Evidence of low-frequency multiple scattering of methane gas bubbles at Coal Oil Point, Santa Barbara, California Alexandra Padilla
0:54:48 1pAO6 Measurements of methane bubble size distribution from a remotely operated platform in the presence of oil Theodore Argo
1:09:28 1pAO7 Acoustic investigations of natural seeps at GC600 Mahdi Razaz
1:25:20 1pAO8 Detection and characterization of hydrocarbon droplets using broadband echosounders Scott Loranger
1:44:47 1pAO9 The acoustic properties of three crude oils at oceanographically relevant temperatures and pressures Scott Loranger


1pSP. Source Tracking with Microphone/Hydrophone Arrays II (Cosponsor: UW, EA)
Monday, 4 December 2017 – 1:00 PM to 4:20 PM CST

Cochairs: Kainam Thomas Wong (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and Siu Kit Lau (National Univ. of Singapore)


0:00:00 1pSP1 Direction finding and inverse imaging with microphone arrays in a forest Michael White
0:20:20 1pSP2 Direction of arrival estimation using local series expansion evaluated on acoustic data Gustaf Hendeby
0:43:15 1pSP5 Subarray processing with coprime and minimum redundancy arrays Guen-Soo Jo
1:05:45 1pSP6 Recording and post-processing speech signals from magnetic resonance imaging experiments Juha Kuortti


1pPA. 30th Anniversary of the National Center for Physical Acoustics (Cosponsor: BA, EA)
Monday, 4 December 2017 – 1:25 PM to 4:00 PM CST

Cochairs: Richard Raspet (Univ. of Mississippi), Craig Hickey (NCPA, Univ. of Mississippi), Josh R. Gladden (Physics and NCPA, Univ. of Mississippi)


0:02:02 Chairs’ Introduction Richard Raspet and Josh Gladden
0:06:18 1pPA1 Reflections on the origins of the National Center for Physical Acoustics Lawrence A. Crum
0:23:04 1pPA2 Before there was a National Center for Physical Acoustics: Memories of the first employee Kenneth E. Gilbert
0:44:04 1pPA3 From underwater thunder to cavitation from pulsed ultrasound: One graduate student’s perspective of the years leading up to the formation of NCPA Anthony A. Atchley
1:08:20 1pPA4 Postdoc at NCPA: Explosive growth and entertainment W. P. Arnott
1:41:48 1pPA5 National Center for Physical Acoustics Aeroacoustics Group Lawrence Ukeiley
2:03:50 1pPA6 Current research thrusts at NCPA Josh R. Gladden
2:25:50 1pPA7 The importance of tuning curves and two-tone tests in

nonlinear acoustic landmine detection

Murray S. Korman



2aAB. In Memory of George Ioup: Acoustics in the Gulf of Mexico I (Cosponsor: SP, UW, AO)
Tuesday, 5 December 2017 – 8:35 AM to 12:00 PM CST

Cochairs: Natalia Sidorovskaia (UL Lafayette) and David Mellinger (Oregon State University)


0:00:00 Chairs Intro
0:05:10 2aAB1 George Ioup’s contribution to the Gulf of Mexico acoustic research: paving the path into the future Natalia Sidorovskaia
0:22:49 2aAB3 Modeling as a complementary tool to acoustic data for understanding the impact of environmental disasters on marine mammals Azmy Ackleh
0:42:23 2aAB4 Passive acoustic monitoring in the northern Gulf of Mexico using ocean gliders David Mellinger
1:06:02 2aAB5 Echolocation for restoration: Odontocete monitoring in the Gulf of Mexico Kaitlin Frasier and John Hildebrand
1:28:06 2aAB6 Airborne electromagnetic profiling in the Gulf of Mexico Kenneth Holladay
1:43:04 2aAB8 In memory of George E. Ioup: Founder of the University of New Orleans physics program at the Stennis Space Center  Stanley Chen-Bing
2:03:24 2aAB9 Relationship between head size and biosonar transmit and receive beams in odontocetes Whitlow Au


2aMU. Measurement Methods and Instrumentation for Musical Acoustics
Tuesday, 5 December 2017 – 8:15 AM to 11:15 AM CST

Cochairs: Wilfried Kausel (Univ. of Music and Performing Arts) and Thomas Moore (Rollins College)


0:00:00 2aMU1 Detailed experimental modal analysis of a trumpet: an application of laser Doppler vibrometry Martin Cockrill
0:22:23 2aMU3 Flow visualizations using electronic speckle pattern interferometry Whitney Coyle
0:43:23 2aMU4 Searching for early reflected waves after strike of Caribbean steelpan using time-resolved electronic speckle pattern interferometry Andrew Morrison
1:03:00 2aMU5 Humidity influences on natural timpani heads Wolfgang Nagl
1:16:24 2aMU7 Study of the impact of material on clarinet-like instrument: correlation between impedance measurement and musician tests Vincent Gibiat
1:29:39 2aMU8 Investigating vocal tract effects during note transitions on the saxophone Montserrat Pàmies-Vilà
1:47:08 2aMU9 Preliminary measurements of vibrations and resonances of a Kundum xylophone Stephen Onwubiko, presented by Tracianne Nielsen


2aPA. Sound Used as an Investigative Tool for Industrial Solutions
Tuesday, 5 December 2017 – 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST

Chair: Gabriela Petculescu (University of Louisiana, Lafayette)


0:00:00 Chairs Intro
0:02:35 2aPA1 Grain size distribution measurement of Ti-6Al-4V plate using laser-ultrasonics Feng Dong
0:19:57 2aPA2 Ultrasonic characterization of the complex Young's modulus of polymers produced with micro-stereolithography Clinton Morris
0:37:23 2aPA4 Acoustic Monitoring of Aluminum-Alloy Sensitization  Shankar Kharal and Gabriela Petulescu
1:04:35 2aPA5 Electroacoustic Modeling and characterization of an ultrasonic projector  Marc Lethiecq
1:23:15 2aPA6 An acoustic approach to assess natural gas quality in real time  Andi Petculescu


2aSA. Acoustic Metamaterials I (Cosponsor: PA, SP, EA)
Tuesday, 5 December 2017 – 8:30 AM to 11:45 AM CST

Cochairs: Christina Naify (Jet Propulsion Lab) and Michael Haberman (The University of Texas at Austin)


0:00:00 2aSA4 Design and measurement of an acoustic bi-anisotropic metasurface for scattering-free manipulation of the refracted wavefront Junfei Li
0:16:45 2aSA5 Passive acoustic metasurfaces for high-efficiency wavefront transformations Li Quan
0:29:55 2aSA6 Anomalous scattering effects from bi-anisotropic inclusions and metamaterials Li Quan
0:45:50 2aSA7 Asymmetric transmission via lossy gradient-index metasurfaces: Role of diffraction Chen Shen
1:01:00 2aSA8 Optimal attenuation caused by boundary impedance in acoustic waveguides Matthew Kelsten
1:18:10 2aSA9 Theorviscous effect on sound propagation in acoustic metastructures Likun Zhang
1:34:20 2aSA10 Acoustics of Locally Bilinear Periodic Metamaterials  

Alexey Titovich


2pAB. In Memory of George Ioup: Acoustics in the Gulf of Mexico II (Cosponsor: SP, UW, AO)
Tuesday, 5 December 2017 – 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM CST

Cochairs: Natalia Sidorovskaia (UL Lafayette) and David Mellinger (Oregon State University)


0:01:40 2pAB1 Decadal assessment of the sperm whale population trends in the northern Gulf of Mexico using acoustics Kun Li
0:17:10 2pAB2 Comparing performance of bottom-moored and unmanned surface vehicle towed passive acoustic monitoring platforms for sperm whale detection Sakib Mahmud
0:27:40 2pAB3 Species-level classification and clustering of beaked whale echolocation recordings Jack LeBien
0:43:20 2pAB4 Calculating sperm whale lengths in the northern Gulf of Mexico George Drouant
0:57:35 2pAB5 Dolphin target detection processes investigation using finite element model Chong Wei
1:13:55 2pAB7 Bottom characterization in the northern Gulf of Mexico using chirp sonar and ship noise data Altan Turgut
1:29:39 2pAB8 Population Densities of Dolphins in the northern Gulf of Mexico Kendal Leftwich


2pMUa. Cajun Music: Accordians, Culture, and History
Tuesday, 5 December 2017 – 1:55 PM to 4:05 PM CST

Chair: James Cottingham (Coe College)


0:00:00 2pMUa3 Cultural significance of the diatonic single-row button accordion in South Louisiana Mark DeWitt – partially recorded
0:10:30 2pMUa5 Cajun and Zydeco Accordion Playing Styles  Chad Huval – partially recorded


2pNSa. Evaluation of Acoustics in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities (Cosponsor: AA, ASACOS)
Tuesday, 5 December 2017 – 1:00 PM – 2:55 PM CST

Cochairs: Jay Bliefnick (University of Nebraska) and Jonathan Weber (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)


0:00:00 2pNSa1 Evaluating hospital soundscapes to improve patient experience Jay Bliefnick – audio starts at 0:10:40
0:22:22 2pNSa2 Acoustical evaluation of Quiet Time and its impact on patient outcomes Jonathan Weber
0:43:18 2pNSa3 An overview of the key misperceptions that are preventing any significant improvements when addressing operational noise in acute care hospitals Gary Madaras
1:05:49 2pNSa4 Acoustics and the built environment in pediatric hospital units Ian Hough
1:26:20 2pNSa5 Noise in the recovery area of a large hospital Sergio Beristain


2pNSb. Acoustics and its Role in Accessibility (e.g. Americans with Disabilities Act) (Cosponsor: SC, PP, ASACOS)
Tuesday, 5 December 2017 – 3:30 PM to 5:10 PM CST

Chair: David Manley (DLR Group)


0:00:00 Chairs Intro
0:02:18 2pNSb1 Disability rights aspects of ambient noise under the Americans with Disabilities Act for people with auditory disorders Daniel Fink
0:23:50 2pNSb2 Preliminary reports of New York City restaurant and bar noise levels via crowdsourced measurements show a low number of restaurants and bars suitable for various disabled communities, notably those with hearing loss Gregory Farber
0:44:20 2pNSb3 Electric vehicles – safe and quiet with acoustic vehicle alerting systems? Rene Weinandy
1:05:00 2pNSb4 Induction loop assisted listening system case study in a Catholic church David Manley


2pSA. Acoustic Metamaterials II (Cosponsor: PA, SP, EA)
Tuesday, 5 December 2017 – 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM CST

Cochairs: Christina Naify (Jet Propulsion Lab) and Michael Haberman (The University of Texas at Austin)


0:00:00 2pSA1 Zone folding induced topological insulators in phononic crystals Yun Jing
0:16:16 2pSA4 Numerical investigation of metafluid behavior in pre-strained negative stiffness honeycombs Benjamin Goldsberry
0:32:15 2pSA5 Enhancement of Low-frequency sound emission by metamaterial enclosures Likun Zhang
0:51:40 2pSA12 Active vibration control by a tunable piezoelectric shunt metamaterial Aaron Stearns



3aAO. Munk Award Lecture
Wednesday, 6 December 2017 – 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST

Chair: John Colosi (Naval Postgraduate School)


0:00:00 Chairs Introduction
0:14:27 3aAO1 New platforms, technologies, and approaches for remote inference of physical and biological parameters using acoustic scattering techniques Andone Lavery


3aID. Standards: Practical Applications in Acoustics (Cosponsor: ASACOS)
Wednesday, 6 December 2017 – 7:40 AM to 12:00 PM CST

Cochairs: Christopher Struck (CJS Labs) and Robert Hellweg (Hellweg Acoustics)


0:00:00 3aID2 An overview of ANSI/ASA S3.7-2016: Method for Measurement and Calibration of Earphones Christopher Struck – no slides captured
0:25:44 3aID4 Recent developments in sound power level measurement standards Robert Hellweg
0:50:56 3aID5 Introduction to S12.70 Speech Privacy in Healthcare Kenneth Good
1:16:58 1aSA2 Acoustical Society of America Standards in mechanical shock and vibration Charles Gaumond
1:56:58 3aID7 Measurement uncertainty and its application to standards in acoustics Christopher Struck
2:20:17 3aID9 Development of an S3/SC1 standard for auditory evoked potential hearing tests in toothed whales Dorian Houser
2:44:30 3aID10 A primary method for the complex calibration of a hydrophone from 1 Hz to 2 kHz William Slater


3aSC. Teaching Phonetics and Speech Science in the New Millennium: Challenges and Opportunities (Cosponsor: ED)
Wednesday, 6 December 2017 – 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST

Cochairs: Catherine Rogers (University of South Florida) and Benjamin Tucker (University of Alberta)


0:00:00 3aSC3 Some thoughts on teaching and learning phonetic transcription James Hillenbrand
0:22:00 3aSC4 Teaching an online phonetics course: One approach Robert Fox
1:25:48 3aSC6 Teaching phonetics in an active-learning classroom: the role of teaching assistants Tessa Bent
1:42:40 3aSC7 Teaching phonetics to undergraduate students majoring speech and hearing sciences and disorders Makoto Kariyasu
1:58:40 3aSC8 Variability and invariants: Facilitating deep learning Chao-Yang Lee
2:13:35 3aSC9 Flipping the phonetics classroom Catherine Rogers
2:28:45 3aSC10 Developing an online phonetics course for a diverse student population Caroline Smith
2:43:07 3aSC11 Online vs. in-person: Exploring the outcomes and impacts Benjamin Tucker
2:59:12 3aSC12 Improving comprehension through team quizzes Amelia Kimball


3aUWb. Session in Honor of Chester McKinney
Wednesday, 6 December 2017 – 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM CST

Cochairs: Thomas Muir (University of Texas at Austin) and Clark Penrod (The University of Texas)


0:00:00 3aUWb1 Chester McKinney, champion in acoustics David Blackstock – no audio captured
0:27:12 3aUWb2 Chester McKinney and the Acoustical Society of America: Over sixty years of service Marcia Isakson
0:47:18 3aUWb3 Chester McKinney’s legacy at Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas Clark Penrod
1:08:08 3aUWb4 Chester McKinney: Lessons I learned from a prominent scientist and leader in our acoustics community William Kuperman
1:28:40 3aUWb5 Chester McKinney: A legacy of high frequency sonar development at Applied Research Laboratories, The University of Texas at Austin John Huckabay
1:51:30 3aUWb6 The McKinney-Anderson paper and its impact on sediment acoustics Anthony Bonomo
2:11:50 3aUWb7 Acoustical research and publications of Chester McKinney Thomas Muir
2:34:35 3aUWb8 McKinney Fellowship in Acoustics at ARL:UT Kyle Spratt


3pAA. Speech Privacy Concerns in Open Plan Spaces
Wednesday, 6 December 2017 – 1:15 PM to 3:00 PM CST

Chairs: Kenneth Good (Armstrong)


0:00:00 Chairs Introduction
0:03:45 3pAA1 Balancing the detrimental effects of office noise annoyance and distraction on work performance Martin Lawless
0:25:55 3pAA2 Using ODEON acoustical modeling software to predict speech privacy in open-plan offices: Part 2 Diego Hernandez and Jason Duty
0:46:42 3pAA3 Possible path for speech privacy design and performance approaches Kenneth Roy
1:07:15 3pAA4 Evaluation of ambient noise including conversation in medical facilities Yumi Koyama
1:25:20 3pAA5 Case study: Open plan “closed” offices or closed plan “open” offices Kenneth Good


3pIDa. Hot Topics: Hunt is Still Hot
Wednesday, 6 December 2017 – 1:00 PM to 2:05 PM CST

Chair: Christina Naify (Jet Propulsion Lab)


0:00:00 3pIDa1 Hydronephones: Acoustic receivers on unmanned underwater vehicles Lora Van Uffelen
0:25:35 3pIDa2 Virtual reality meets architectural acoustics Michael Vorlaender
0:47:24 3pIDa3 Hospital noise: How bad is it? Ilene Busch-Vishniac



4aAB. General Biosonar
Thursday, 7 December 2017 – 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM CST

Chair: Rolf Müller (Virginia Tech)


0:00:00 4aAB1 Bone conducted sound in a dolphin’s mandible: Experimental investigation of elastic waves mediating information on source localization Michael Reinwald – no slides captured
0:15:55 4aAB4 Analysis of bats’ gaze and flight control based on the estimation of their echolocated points with time-domain acoustic simulation Taito Banda
0:28:10 4aAB5 Doppler shifts in bat biosonar: the good, the bad, and the unexpected Rolf Müller
0:41:02 4aAB6 Integration of dynamic emission and reception in the biosonar system of horseshoe bats Joseph Sutlive
0:55:34 4aAB7 Quantification of fast pinna motions in rhinolophid and hipposiderid bats Xiaoyan Yin
1:14:21 4aAB8 Noseleaf motions impart dynamic signatures on bat biosonar pulses Liujun Zhang


4aBA. Ultrasound-Mediated Neuromodulation
Thursday, 7 December 2017 – 8:25 AM to 11:45 AM CST

Chair: Parag Chitnis (George Mason University)


0:00:00 4aBA1 Ultrasound neuro-stimulation effects of peripheral axons in-vitro Nader Saffari
0:31:13 4aBA2 Ultrasonic stimulation and metabolic stress in neuronal systems John Cressman
1:06:04 4aBA4 Intersections of Neuromodulation, Focused Ultrasound, and Gene Delivery with Brain-Penetrating Nanoparticles Richard Price
1:42:10 4aBA7 High resolution modulation of human brain circuits using transcranial focused ultrasound Wynn Legon


4aPP. Psychoacoustics of Speech Perception in Noise, Localization, and Frequency Selectivity
Thursday, 7 December 2017 – 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM CST

Chair: Eric Hoover (University of South Florida)


0:00:00 4aPP1 Auditory object formation from background noise improves speech perception Maury Lander-Portnoy
0:17:00 4aPP2 Background noise interacts with spectral context effects during speech categorization Christian Stilp
0:30:38 4aPP3 The effect of listener motion on localization of tones in a room Eric Macaulay
0:47:06 4aPP5 Diagnostic value of experimental parameters for measurement of localization ability Angelique Scharine
1:03:25 4aPP6 Distribution of spectral modulation transfer functions in a young, normal-hearing population David Eddins
1:20:10 4aPP7 Detection of frequency glides in single tones and single formants: Are tones appropriate analogs of formants in psychophysical experiments? Michelle Molis
1:35:48 4aPP8 Comparison of scoring methods for spatial release from masking for speech based on analysis of psychometric function slope Eric Hoover
1:47:27 4aPP9 Establishing the response of low frequency auditory filters Menachem Rafaelof


4aSCa. The Southern States: Social Factors and Language Variation I
Thursday, 7 December 2017 – 8:00 AM – 10:50 AM CST

Cochairs: Wendy Herd (Mississippi State University) and Irina Shport (Louisiana State University);


0:05:25 4aSCa1 Sociophonetic trends in studies of Southern English Erik Thomas
0:29:40 4aSCa2 Northern vowel features within the Deep South: The New Orleans Yat dialect Katie Carmichael
0:57:00 4aSCa3 The emergence of a new pronunciation variant in a culturally changing Appalachian community Ewa Jacewicz
1:35:20 4aSCa4 The influence of regional identity on Appalachian intonation Paul Reed
2:01:15 4aSCa5 An acoustic and phonological description of /z/-devoicing in Southern American English Abby Walker
2:24:55 4aSCa6 Prosodic and segmental cues to regional dialect variation in American English Cynthia Clopper


4pAA. Back to the Future: A Look at Multipurpose Spaces, How They've Changed and What's Next
Thursday, 7 December 2017 – 1:00 PM to 5:35 PM CST

Cochairs: Shane Kanter (Threshold Acoustics) and Jennifer Nelson Smid (Threshold Acoustics)


0:02:30 4pAA2 Active acoustics in multi-purpose venues: A ten year retrospective Steve Ellison
0:22:50 4pAA3 The interactive multipurpose performing arts hall Hyun Paek
0:40:40 4pAA4 Changing an existing performance space from a single purpose use to a multipurpose space or creating a multipurpose space from an existing performance space not acoustically suitable for any performances Robert Coffeen and Jason Pittman
1:02:57 4pAA5 Effects of variable acoustic elements on the spatial sound field in multipurpose venues Michelle Vigeant
1:22:55 4pAA6 Multi-purpose performance spaces as vehicles to enhance the acoustical communities of cities and towns Gary Siebein
1:43:05 4pAA7 Trends in performing arts center design Jack Hagler
2:03:00 4pAA11 A trio of multi-purpose halls, 1995-2016: Aronoff, Overture and Hancher Joseph Myers
2:24:00 4pAA12 Multi-purpose halls… Wave of a new future or dead-end? Paul Scarbrough
2:44:50 4pAA13 Sixteen years later – Skirball Center for the Performing arts at NYU completes the installation of electronic architecture Steve Barbar 


4pNS. Wind Turbine Noise (Cosponsor: ASACOS, SA)
Thursday, 7 December 2017 – 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM CST

Cochairs: Nancy Timmerman (Nancy S. Timmerman, P.E.), Kenneth Kaliski (RSG Inc) and Robert Hellweg (Hellweg Acoustics)


0:02:52 4pNS1 Measurements of underwater sound radiated from an offshore wind turbine James H Miller
0:23:02 4pNS5 Subjective assessment of wind turbine noise – the stereo approach Steven Cooper
0:42:40 4pNS6 Measurements of infrasound blade pass frequencies in the far field Andy Metelka
1:04:55 4pNS7 Infrasound blade pass frequency transmissibility measurements inside homes near wind turbines Andy Metelka
1:22:48 4pNS8 Acoustic compliance with permit conditions – What does it mean? Steven Cooper
1:42:06 4pNS11 Revisiting the South Australian Environment Protection Authority 2013 Waterloo study using the Schomer principle Mary Morris and Stephen Cooper
2:03:10 4pNS13 Startle reflex and sensitisation – how are these biological phenomena relevant to wind turbine noise exposure? Sarah Laurie and Stephen Cooper


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