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Postgraduate Student Advertisement: Multiple PhD and Masters' positions in acoustics and mechanical metamaterials

Are you interested in metamaterials and their potential to improve people's living conditions?  The Acoustics Research Centre at the University of Auckland is inviting applications from highly motivated students to participate in an exciting new research programme on acoustics and mechanical metamaterials for radically improving sound insulation.

Funded PhD and Masters by Research studentships are available which include tuition fees, a stipend, and support for research-related activities such as consumables and travel.

The research

In a world of population densification, increased traffic flows and high power home entertainment systems, noise pollution at home and in workplaces is becoming a large problem. It can result in annoyance, loss of concentration, disturbed sleep and reduced productivity. We are also realising that a loss of acoustic privacy in dwellings is sensed as a loss as important as a loss of visual or spatial privacy.

Mechanical, that is acoustic and elastic, metamaterials are able to achieve extra-ordinary properties that go beyond (”meta”) those of their constituent materials. This is an opportunity to create systems with previously impossible vibro-acoustic performance.

Research topics within this programme include the development of new, more compact acoustic metamaterials based on Helmholtz resonators for very low frequencies; of new mechanical metamaterials that suppress bending waves in the coincidence frequency region; of computational intelligence techniques and generative design of metamaterials; innovation in acoustic metamaterials for integration into double-glazed window systems; and translation to industrial scale.

Novel acoustic insulation systems materials are an expected outcome of this research, with considerable potential for commercialisation.

The candidates

The project will suit driven, ambitious candidates interested in mechanical metamaterials and their practical applications.

We are looking for strong backgrounds in some combination of acoustics, engineering, physics, computational science or a suitably related field.

Skills in computational modelling and simulation of vibro-acoustic systems would be a big plus. Alternatively, strong skills in the experimental measurement of complex vibro-acoustic behaviours and signal processing would be highly desirable. Good written and oral communication skills in English.

About us

The Acoustics Research Centre (ARC) was formed in 2017 and now has X academic staff and Y PhD students. ARC activities are supported by experimental facilities that include an anechoic chamber, reverberation rooms, absorption and sound transmission loss measurement, laser vibrometers and other equipment.

The University of Auckland is New Zealand's highest ranked university, and the only New Zealand university in the top 100 according the QS World University Rankings 2020.

To apply

Please send a CV or resume, grade point average, and a description of why you are interested in undertaking research in this area to Dr Andrew Hall (



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