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The Acoustical Society of America acknowledges with gratitude the participation of the following members in organizing Acoustics in Focus.

Meeting Organizing Committee

Andrew A. Piacsek, Chair, Anna Diedesch, Technical Program Chair

Technical Program Organizing Committee

Anna Diedesch, Chair; David Knobles, Acoustical Oceano­graphy; Xavier Mouy, Animal Bioacoustics; David Manley, Benjamin Bridgewater, Architectural Acoustics; Kang Kim, Libertario Demi, Biomedical Acoustics; Jennifer Cooper, Amanda Hanford, Computational Acoustics: Daniel Russell, Education in Acoustics; Michael Haberman, Thomas Blanford, Engineering Acoustics; Christopher Jasinski, Peter Rucz, Musical Acoustics; William Murphy, James Phillips, Hales Swift, Noise, Joel Mobley, Physical Acoustics; Ellen Peng, Virginia Best, Psychological and Physiological Acoustics; Ryan Harne, Efren Fernandez Grande, Signal Processing in Acoustics; Susannah Levi, Christina Zhao, Rajka Smiljanic, Matthew Faytak, Speech Communication; Benjamin Shafer, Stephanie Konarski, Anthony Bonomo, Robert A. Koch, Structural Acoustics and Vibration; Karim Sabra, Underwater Acoustics; Kieren Smith, Student Council.

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