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Are you interested in doing musical acoustics research while pursuing a Ph.D. or M.S. degree in physics?  Retired professor, and longtime ASA member, Dr. William (“Bill”) Strong and family have setup a fund to support one graduate student at a time while they pursue their master’s or doctoral degree in physics at BYU doing musical acoustics research.  The fund is called the William James and Charlene Fuhriman Strong Family Musical Acoustics Endowed Fellowship.  It provides the Fellowship Recipient a research assistant stipend to support a grad student’s living expenses and tuition.  The next opening for a fellowship recipient begins Fall 2024 semester.  The application deadline is Jan. 15, 2024.  Interested applicants should apply to either the M.S. or Ph.D. program in BYU’s Department of Physics and Astronomy and indicate their interest in acoustics research in their application letter.  Preference for the fellowship award winner is that they are a Ph.D. student.

The five faculty members doing acoustics research in our department typically admit 2-5 graduate students per year as research assistants, supported by external funds from the National Science Foundation, Office of Naval Research, NASA, government labs, or private companies.  This Strong Fellowship provides the opportunity for a graduate student and advisor to select a musical acoustics topic of interest to work on without the need for additional external funding.  If you apply and are not selected as the Strong Fellowship recipient, you will be still be considered for admission as a research assistant to work on an externally funded project on a different topic in acoustics.

More information about the fellowship can be found at:

More information about the BYU Acoustics Research Group and BYU’s Physics & Astronomy graduate program can be found at:

Interested applicants can contact, Brian Anderson (, with any questions.


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