Ultrasound Laboratory Trento (ULTRa) Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

Location: University of Trento, Italy

Ultrasound Medical Imaging is a widely employed diagnostic technology. To give a few examples, it is utilized to visualize internal body parts non-invasively, to quantify perfusion, to assess blood flow, and to characterize tissue. Despite the already humongous range of applications, we have yet not completely revealed the full potential of this safe, non-invasive, cost effective and portable technology. This is especially true in the context of bubbly media, where the volume of interest is in great part occupied by gas. Practical examples are Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging (of great interest for cancer detection and localization), and Lung Ultrasound. This project will focus on the development, implementation and testing of ultrasound imaging solutions dedicated to bubbly media. The candidate is expected to have a background is signal processing, image formation, and image analysis. Background in ultrasound imaging or medical image processing is considered a plus.

Application deadline: September 7 2020

Application website: https://ict.unitn.it/education/admission/reserved-topic-scholarships

Contact: Dr. Libertario Demi libertario.demi@unitn.it
ULTRa website: https://sites.google.com/view/drlibertariodemi/

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