CIRE Grant Recipient Testimonials

​The Committee on International Research and Education has solicited brief testimonials from Grant recipients describing how the grant provided assistance in their work in acoustics and in their graduate education to illustrate the impact of this program on the education and research of the grant recipients worldwide.  Grant recipients since the inception of the CIRE program can be found on the CIRE Grant Recipients webpage.

2020 Recipients

Veerababu Dharanalkota
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India

Acoustic analysis of circular reactive and dissipative chambers by means of Green’s function

I am grateful for being awarded the International Student Grant for the year 2020 from CIRE of the ASA. Life does not always go as we plan. COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to work remotely. The grant helped to procure accessories to conduct my research remotely. Further, the grant spread the wings in attending a virtual conference to present my work on the global platform. In addition, the student membership offered under the grant gave me an access to the ocean of knowledge in acoustics. Thank you again CIRE, ASA for supporting me.

Ekaterina M. Ponomarchuk
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Federation

Investigation of ultrasound atomization of blood clot in HIFU fields with varying amplitudes and focusing angles

I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to receive the International Student Grant for the year 2020 from CIRE of the ASA. The funding conveniently coincided with the graduation time and provided me with a new office desk at home and a more powerful computer for preparation of my Master’s thesis. This way, the grant contributed to more efficient and enjoyable implementation of the computational and writing steps of my project. Moreover, my ASA student membership gave me access to the publications I needed while writing my thesis and preparing journal articles. And last but not the least, being awarded the grant meant that my research was appreciated which was an additional encouragement to continue my work. Thank you for supporting my research!




Jakub B. Spytek
AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

Efficient full-field imaging of structural damages with use of guided ultrasonic waves

I am very grateful for the support of the Acoustical Society of America through the International Student Grant and the acknowledgment of my research in the field of ultrasonic waves. Thanks to the funding, I was able to set up a home office workspace, which was very helpful during the difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, I was able to advance a major part of my research involving numerical simulations of guided waves and developing signal processing techniques. The  student membership of the ASA, and related access to the ASA's publication database were also beneficial to my research.



Nkechi Mgbodichinma Ukaegbu
University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Berom vowel harmony system: An experimental and theoretical approach

I thank the Committee on International Research and Education (CIRE) and Acoustical Society of America for the international students’ grant awarded me in 2019. With this generous support, I was able to lay the groundwork for my PhD thesis. The CIRE provided me with the funds to reach out to mentors, language consultants and to employ bilingual research assistants (who are also Berom native speakers) who aided me in the collection data. It facilitated my travel costs (several trips were made from Enugu to Jos), living expenses (accommodation and feeding); throughout my stay within Riyom local government area of Plateau state (my research area/population) which helped me through the first phase of my field work. It also availed me the opportunity to attend an acoustic conference in 2020 in University of Nigeria, Nsukka; where I presented a paper and interacted with senior colleagues; who provided me with necessary materials and direction on how to write my research proposal.

Also, with the funding I received, I bought a laptop, a recorder and an acoustic headphone. It is my hope that this will still open new frontiers in the nearest future for more grants, so that I can gather a larger set of data (second field work) needed for the next stages of my thesis. And also in tidying up my doctoral thesis writing and publishing the thesis in high impact factor journals. It was indeed an absolute relief and pleasure to receive the support of CIRE, ASA at this initial stage of my work and I am extremely grateful. Attached here, is the certificate of participation for the conference.

Arquiteta Marselle Nunes Barbo
Federal University of Santa Maria, Brasil

I appreciate the support of the International Student Grant for the year 2019 from CIRE of the ASA, in my PhD research in the area of room acoustics. This support was very important to subsidize the trips that I had to make to another city for the investigation and the transportation of equipment for the acoustical measurements in museums. The student membership of the ASA was very important because having access to ASA's research is fundamental to my literature review. Thank you so much ASA and CIRE!







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