47.1 Charged with setting policy and managing the activities of the Society which support the development and publication of standards on acoustical subjects.

47.2 Composed of the Standards Director of the Society as Chair and a Vice Chair, both of whom are appointed by the Executive Council on nomination by the Acoustical Society of America Committee on Standards (ASACOS); the Standards Manager, ex-officio; the Chair and Vice Chair of each Accredited Standards Committee for which the Society provides the Secretariat; one representative from each of the Society’s Technical Committees; the Chairs of certain U.S. Technical Advisory Groups for ISO and IEC acoustical committees ex-officio; and, as ex-officio members, the Vice President, Executive Director, the most recent Past Chair of ASACOS, and the Associate Editor for Standards News—JASA.

47.3 The Chair, Vice Chair, and ASA member of each Accredited Standards Committee, and the representative from each Society Technical Committee shall be nominated by an ASACOS Nominating Committee and approved by ASACOS. Recommendations for the representative from a Technical Committee are provided by the Chair of that Technical Committee annually upon request by the ASACOS Nominating Committee. Each representative shall be an ex-officio member of the Technical Committee represented.

47.4 The price of ASA-published Standards is recommended by the Standards Director, and set with the approval of ASACOS.

47.5 The Vice Chair of ASACOS shall attend meetings of the Technical Council to provide liaison with the standards program of the Society.

Note: Detailed procedures governing the operation of ASACOS are given in Acoustical Society of America Committee on Standards (ASACOS) Operating Procedures, available from the Standards Manager.

Note: Refer to the ASA Standards webpage at

Committee on Rules and Governance

  1. Committee on Rules and Governance

46.1 Charged with monitoring the Society’s Rules, its Bylaws, and related actions by the Executive Council; and with recommending changes as necessary to insure their compatibility; with advising the President, the Executive and Technical Councils and other Society members on interpretation of the Rules; and in response to requests by the President or the Executive Council, or on its own initiative, recommending changes in the Rules or operating procedures to improve Society operations and implement new initiatives.

46.2 Composed of the Executive Director, the Director of Operations, and several additional members of the Society who are familiar with its activities and procedures, appointed for three-year terms and may be reappointed.

46.3 The Executive Director shall provide the Chair with a copy of the agenda and subsequent minutes of Executive Council meetings.

Note: Refer to the ASA Bylaws at and the full ASA Rules at




43.1 Charged with recommending to the Executive Council, and implementing actions as approved by Executive Council, that are intended to increase awareness of and interest in acoustics by the general public and policy makers in the public and private sectors; to cooperate with other responsible committees in promoting membership growth and retention; and to increase the awareness of Society activities among its members. The Committee selects, and recommends to the Executive Council, candidates for the ASA Science Communication Awards. The recipients of each of these awards shall be determined by the Executive Council.

43.2 Composed of a Chair and other members and the Executive Director, the ASA Director of Operations, as ex-officio members.

Note: For information about activities related to publicity for ASA meetings, the lay-language papers archive, and the Science Communication Awards program, refer to



42.1 Charged with the responsibility to represent the interests of the general public on matters of public policy related to acoustics and the advancement of science.

42.2 Composed of the Chair and a maximum of fourteen other members. Panel members will normally be members of the ASA and shall be


appointed for renewable terms of three years upon recommendation made by the Chair of the Panel on Public Policy in consultation with the Chairs of the Technical Committees. The Panel shall reflect a diversity of technical areas within ASA, with no Technical Committee or other ASA constituency holding a majority vote of the whole. The Executive Director, Vice President, immediate Past President, and Standards Director shall serve as non-voting ex-officio members of the Panel. The Chair shall have been a member of the Panel for at least one year prior to his/her appointment as Chair and shall be appointed for renewable terms of 3 years.

42.3 Subcommittees shall be established as needed to focus on particular issues. Chairs of subcommittees shall be appointed by the President, upon nomination by the Chair of the Panel on Public Policy, for indefinite terms to be determined by the nature of the policy under consideration. The Chair of the Panel shall review the status of subcommittees on an annual basis and make recommendations to the President for renewal or termination of each subcommittee for the next year.

42.4 Members of subcommittees may be appointed for indefinite terms by the President upon nomination by the Chair of the Panel on Public Policy in consultation with the Chairs of appropriate Technical Committees. The Chair of the Panel on Public Policy, in consultation with the Chair of each subcommittee, shall review membership of the subcommittee on an annual basis and make recommendations to the President for reappointment of members. Members of subcommittees are not required to be members of ASA.

42.5 The Panel on Public Policy, in consultation with the Chairs of the subcommittees, will submit all products and recommendations (e.g., policy statements, reports, studies) to the Executive Council for approval prior to release to the general public.

42.6 The Panel on Public Policy, upon the request of the President, may consider statements of public policy put before it and make recommendations to the President of support or lack of support of that policy as determined by majority vote of the Panel members.

42.7 The Chair of the Panel on Public Policy, or specified proxy will report activities to the Executive Council at each meeting of the Society.

Note: Detailed procedures of the Panel on Public Policy are available from the office of the Society. See also Procedures of the Panel on the ASA website.

Note:  Refer to ASA Policies at



41.1 Charged with reviewing candidates for the F.V. Hunt Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Acoustics, the James E. West Fellowship Minority Fellowship, and such other stipend-bearing fellowships and scholarships as may be established by the Executive Council; with performing other activities related to these fellowships and scholarships, and with making recommendations to the Executive Council. The recipient of each of these fellowships and scholarships, with the exception of the Robert W. Young Undergraduate Award, shall be approved by the Executive Council.

41.1.1 The proposed recipients of certain awards of the Society are reported to the Executive Council for approval through the Chair of the Committee, even though the Committee is not involved in the evaluation of their nominations or applications. Candidates for each of these awards are reviewed by a subcommittee in the specific technical or activity area that is involved.

41.2 Composed of six Fellows of the Society. The Chair should have served as a member of the Committee for at least one year, and is appointed for a two-year renewable term. Members of the Committee should be familiar with more than one technical area of acoustics in order to provide the maximum possible coverage of technical interests.

41.3 Upon request by the Chair of the Acoustical Society Foundation Board, the President may appoint the Chair of the Committee to participate, without vote, in Foundation Board discussions of the purpose and acceptability of a restricted gift being offered to the Society.

Note: Detailed Committee procedures are available from the office of the Society.

Note:  Refer to the Funding Resources page for information on available Scholarships, Fellowships, and Awards and the Prizes page



40.1 Charged with preparing a slate of candidates for the election to be held in the spring approximately eighteen months after the Committee is appointed.

40.2 Composed of six members who shall all be Fellows or full Members of the Society, including at least one past president, appointed at the fall meeting of the Executive Council and chosen so as to provide a diversity of technical fields of interest and geographical locations among the Committee members. The President shall designate one of the Committee members, ordinarily a past president, to be its Chair.

40.3 At least nine months before the election date (see § 3.14), the Committee shall provide the Executive Director with a slate of candidates chosen from among the Fellows and full Members of the Society and consisting of at least two candidates for the office of President-Elect, at least two for Vice President-Elect, and at least five and preferably six candidates for two positions on the Executive Council. Before submitting the slate, the Committee shall ensure that the candidates are willing to run for office and that they are Fellows or full Members of the Society in good standing.

40.4 After the slate is submitted, the Society’s office shall obtain brief biographical statements from each candidate prepared by the candidates themselves, and these shall accompany the ballots sent to those members eligible to receive such ballots (see § 3.5). In addition, candidates for the offices of President-Elect and Vice-President Elect shall submit brief statements (limited to 200 words) of their objectives for the Society to appear with the ballots.

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