Technical Committees and Administrative Committees

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Technical Committees and Administrative Committees

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Technical Committees

The thirteen technical committees of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), which meet at the semiannual ASA meetings, provide the focus for members’ technical interests.

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The technical committees play an important role in arranging technical sessions for the meetings (see Guildelines for Organizers of Special Sessions), promoting new developments in their respective fields, representing the Society in joint sponsorship of meetings with other organizations, and assuming responsibility for their particular coverage of subject matter in publications of the Society. Committees also promote improved educational facilities for the study of acoustics. The technical committees host open meetings at each ASA meeting.

Members of the Society are encouraged to maintain close contact with the committees in their fields of interest. Members who are interested in being appointed to serve on a technical committee should send a message to


June 2013

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) is committed to making acoustics more accessible to everyone, and asserts that all individuals, regardless of racial identity, ethnic background, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, or national origin, must be provided equal opportunity in the field of acoustics. The Society upholds the belief that diversity enriches the field of acoustics, and is working to diversify its membership and the acoustics community in general by identifying barriers to implementing this change, and is taking an active role in organizational and institutional efforts to bring about such change. The Society actively supports efforts by the acoustics community to better engage the knowledge and talents of a diverse population, increase the viability of acoustics as a career option for all individuals, and promote the pursuit of acoustics careers by members of historically under-represented groups.



49.1 Charged with planning and organizing the Tutorial Lecture Program, the Short Course Program, and selecting the subjects and the lecturers; and further charged with planning and organizing technical sessions at meetings on topics of broad interest, i.e., Hot Topics in Acoustics.

49.2 Composed of a Chair, the Executive Director ex-officio, and other members.

Note: Detailed information about the Tutorial Lecture Program is given on the Society website.

Note: Refer to the Procedures for ASA Tutorial Lectures and record the record of past Tutorial Lectures at





47.1 Charged with setting policy and managing the activities of the Society which support the development and publication of standards on acoustical subjects.

47.2 Composed of the Standards Director of the Society as Chair and a Vice Chair, both of whom are appointed by the Executive Council on nomination by the Acoustical Society of America Committee on Standards (ASACOS); the Standards Manager, ex-officio; the Chair and Vice Chair of each Accredited Standards Committee for which the Society provides the Secretariat; one representative from each of the Society’s Technical Committees; the Chairs of certain U.S. Technical Advisory Groups for ISO and IEC acoustical committees ex-officio; and, as ex-officio members, the Vice President, Executive Director, the most recent Past Chair of ASACOS, and the Associate Editor for Standards News—JASA.

47.3 The Chair, Vice Chair, and ASA member of each Accredited Standards Committee, and the representative from each Society Technical Committee shall be nominated by an ASACOS Nominating Committee and approved by ASACOS. Recommendations for the representative from a Technical Committee are provided by the Chair of that Technical Committee annually upon request by the ASACOS Nominating Committee. Each representative shall be an ex-officio member of the Technical Committee represented.

47.4 The price of ASA-published Standards is recommended by the Standards Director, and set with the approval of ASACOS.

47.5 The Vice Chair of ASACOS shall attend meetings of the Technical Council to provide liaison with the standards program of the Society.

Note: Detailed procedures governing the operation of ASACOS are given in Acoustical Society of America Committee on Standards (ASACOS) Operating Procedures, available from the Standards Manager.

Note: Refer to the ASA Standards webpage at

Committee on Rules and Governance

  1. Committee on Rules and Governance

46.1 Charged with monitoring the Society’s Rules, its Bylaws, and related actions by the Executive Council; and with recommending changes as necessary to insure their compatibility; with advising the President, the Executive and Technical Councils and other Society members on interpretation of the Rules; and in response to requests by the President or the Executive Council, or on its own initiative, recommending changes in the Rules or operating procedures to improve Society operations and implement new initiatives.

46.2 Composed of the Executive Director, the Director of Operations, and several additional members of the Society who are familiar with its activities and procedures, appointed for three-year terms and may be reappointed.

46.3 The Executive Director shall provide the Chair with a copy of the agenda and subsequent minutes of Executive Council meetings.

Note: Refer to the ASA Bylaws at and the full ASA Rules at


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