Professor of Acoustics

Graz University of Technology

Location:  Graz Austria

The Faculty of Electrical and Information Engineering of Graz University of Technology is seeking to appoint a full university professor of


at the Signal Processing and Speech Communication Laboratory, starting on Oct 1, 2020. The position is tenured according to Section 98 of the Austrian Universities Act (§98 UG). For this position, we are seeking a highly qualified and scientifically well-established individual who is deeply committed to representing the field of “Engineering Acoustics” in teaching and in research and who brings along experience in music.

Applicants must have a doctorate (Ph.D.) in the required discipline or in a closely related field from an Austrian or an equivalent foreign university. Furthermore, we expect outstanding scientific qualifications (as evidenced by a habilitation degree – venia docendi – or equivalent scientific achievements), an education in musical arts, as well as the necessary qualifications for this managerial position.

For further information as well as the mandatory application form, please visit us at:

Graz University of Technology aims to increase the proportion of women among its staff. Therefore, qualified female applicants are explicitly encouraged to apply. Graz University of Technology actively promotes diversity and equal opportunities. People with disabilities who have the relevant qualifications are expressly invited to apply.

Applicants must use the provided application form to submit their complete application in electronic form to by no later than Sep 30, 2019 (email time stamp).

The Dean: Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Wolfgang Bösch, MBA

Postdoctoral Fellowship

McGill University
School of Communication Science & Disorders

Location: Quebec CA

Postdoctoral Fellowship
The Richard and Edith Strauss Clinical Fellowship
in Communication Sciences & Disorders

We are seeking clinician-scientists for this prestigious fellowship to investigate human communication sciences and disorders.
Eligibility includes:
> clinical credentials in speech-language Pathology or Audiology or a related field.
> any citizenship
> PhD in communication Sciences & Disorders or related fields is preferred but we will
consider applicants without a doctoral degree who propose a project that is well aligned with the program objectives.

Start date: January 2020

The award value is $35K and may be renewed for a second year. A $2500 allowance for research-related expenses (e.g. conference travel) is also included.
The clinical professional will develop and implement a research project in collaboration with one or more faculty within the school. Our objective is support research activities that lead to advances in clinical practice or training or provide new findings that may launch an ongoing clinical research project.

Applicants are encouraged to work with SCSD faculty in developing a brief (2-page) proposal that includes the following:
• Relevant background
• Specific aims, i.e. research question or hypothesis
• Brief description of methodology
• Comment on feasibility of the project – including possible difficulties
• Expected outcomes (wrt knowledge gained and/or training involved)
• SCSD faculty who will be involved
• Comments on the specific roles of the applicant and SCSD faculty who will be involved
To apply, please submit a CV and along with your project proposal, and the names and contact information for two references, by Oct 31 2019 to the Graduate Program Director.

Research Officer in Ultrasonic Technologies

The National Research Council of Canada (NRC)

Location: Boucherville, Quebec

Tenure: Continuing

Condition of Employment: Reliability Status

Language Requirements: Bilingual Imperative BBB/BBB

Your Challenge

Help bring research to life and drive your career forward with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), Canada’s largest research and technology organization.

We are looking for a Research Officer (RO) in Ultrasonic Technologies to support our Energy, Mining and Environment (EME) Research Centre. The selected candidate would be someone who shares our core values of Integrity, Excellence, Respect and Creativity.

As a Research Officer, you will support the goals of the NRC and the Energy, Mining and Environment Research Centre through research and the development and application of advanced technologies.  You will work on the development of proposals for new research initiatives, project management, and providing service to NRC clients.  You will provide input into the overall direction and research priorities for the program area within the context of the Energy, Mining and Environment Research Centre business plan. You will be working in a team environment with researchers and technical experts in world-class facilities.

As a member of the Ultrasonic Technologies team, you will conduct research on ultrasonics, laser ultrasonics and photoacoustics in order to develop new and innovative solutions for various fields such as, energy, mining, the environment, and advanced manufacturing etc. You will manage and participate in collaborative relationships with external partners from industry, academic and government sectors, as well as with other researchers in Canada and abroad. You will have demonstrated research excellence in the form of high-impact publications, patents, awards and conferences. Recent experience in doctoral or postdoctoral research in ultrasonic acoustics for non-destructive testing, material characterization or imaging is required. Expertise in modelling ultrasonic wave propagation and interaction as well as in ultrasonic signal processing and analysis is preferred.

Projects will be diverse, ranging from material characterization to underwater imaging, and will include modelling activities to define and validate experimental configurations, experimental set-up achievements, and measurement and analysis. The experimental set-up you will be required to perform or supervise includes opto-mechanics, instrumentation, and instrumentation and automation programming. Knowledge and development of ultrasonic acoustic modelling tools and signal processing and analysis tools are essential for this position. Experimental skills in measuring and performing experimental assemblies in ultrasonic acoustics are an asset and skills in optics or laser ultrasound are also an asset. Some of your activities will focus on developing new technologies or validating our technologies for new applications in manufacturing, mining, energy and environmental industries. Your role will require you to conduct and/or lead multidisciplinary research projects in collaboration with universities, government agencies and early-stage small and medium-sized enterprises.

Being in a dynamic position means that the workdays are always evolving, challenging and motivating. You are a self-starter who can excel in an evolving and exciting R&D environment and provide input into the direction and priorities of R&D activities of the ultrasonic technology team at the Energy, Mining and Environment Research Centre.

In joining our team, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits including comprehensive health and dental plans, pension and insurance plans, vacation and other leave entitlements.

Education Requirements

Doctorate in engineering physics or physics or mechanical or electrical engineering.

Doctorate in engineering in a relevant field combined with experience in ultrasonic acoustics may be considered.

Experience Requirements

  • Significant experience in ultrasonic acoustic wave propagation and interaction modelling.
  • Significant experience in ultrasonic acoustic signal processing and data analysis.
  • Experience in experimental concepts, including data acquisition, data quality supervision and assurance, experimental set-up, instrumentation and automation.
  • Experience in material characterization.
  • Experience in ultrasonic imaging.
  • Basic experience in optics and experimental set-up in optics.
  • Experience in the full range of research activities, including proposal writing, project management, data generation, and the creation of reports, presentations and publications.
  • Some experience in building partnerships and collaborative relationships.


Relocation assistance will be determined in accordance with the NRC’s directives.

Salary Range

This position is classified as a Research Officer (RO), a group that is unique to the NRC. The RO group uses a person-based classification system instead of the more common duties-based classification system. Candidates are remunerated based on their expertise, skill, outcomes and impacts of their previous work experience. The salary scale for this group is vast, from $52,854 to $149,416 per annum, which permits for employees of all levels from new graduates to world renowned experts to be fairly compensated for their contributions.

In addition, the incumbent will receive the Bilingualism Bonus of $800 per year.


  • A pre-qualified list may be established for similar positions for a one year period.
  • This position is being advertised internally and externally simultaneously, however first consideration will be given to internal NRC applicants.
  • NRC employees enjoy a wide-range of benefits including comprehensive health and dental plans, pension and insurance plans, vacation and other leave entitlements.
  • Preference will be given to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada. Please include citizenship information in your application.
  • The incumbent must adhere to safe workplace practices at all times.

How to Apply:

Apply online at


Agent ou agente de recherches en Technologies Ultrasonores

Ville : Boucherville, Québec

Durée de l’emploi : Continu

Condition d’emploi : Cote de fiabilité

Exigences linguistiques : Bilingue impératif BBB/BBB

Votre défi

Contribuez à la réalisation de travaux de recherche stratégiques et poursuivez une carrière prometteuse au Conseil national de recherches du Canada (CNRC), la plus grande organisation de recherche et de technologie au Canada.

Nous souhaitons embaucher un agent ou une agente de recherches (AR) en technologies ultrasonores afin de supporter notre centre de recherche de l’Énergie, Mines et Environnement (EME).  La personne choisie doit partager nos valeurs fondamentales relatives à l’intégrité, à l’excellence, au respect et à la créativité.

En tant qu’agent ou une agente de recherches, vous favoriserez l’atteinte des objectifs du CNRC et du Centre de recherche en énergie, mines et environnement par la réalisation de travaux de recherche ainsi que par la mise au point et l’application de technologies avancées.  Vous travaillerez à l’élaboration de propositions pour de nouvelles initiatives de recherche, à la gestion de projets et à la fourniture de services aux clients du CNRC.  Vous contribuerez à l’orientation générale et aux priorités de recherche pour le domaine du programme dans le contexte du plan d’activités du Centre de recherche sur l’énergie, les mines et l’environnement. Vous travaillerez en équipe avec des chercheurs et des experts techniques dans des installations de calibre mondial.

En tant que membre de l’équipe Technologies ultrasonores, vous mènerez des recherches sur les ultrasons, le ultrasons laser et la photo acoustique afin de développer des solutions nouvelles et novatrices pour divers domaines tels que l’énergie, l’industrie minière, l’environnement ou la fabrication avancée,… Vous participerez et gèrerez des collaborations avec des partenaires externes des milieux industriels, universitaires et gouvernementaux ainsi qu’avec d’autres chercheurs au Canada et à l’étranger. Vous aurez démontré l’excellence en matière de recherche sous la forme de publications à fort impact, de brevets, de prix et de conférences. Une expérience récente en recherches doctorales ou postdoctorales en acoustique ultrasonore pour le contrôle non destructif, la caractérisation des matériaux ou l’imagerie, est requise. Des expertises en modélisation de la propagation et de l’interaction des ondes ultrasonores ainsi qu’en traitement et analyse des signaux ultrasonores sont  privilégiées.

Les projets seront divers, pouvant traiter de la caractérisation de matériaux ou de l’imagerie sous-marine, et comprendront des activités de modélisation pour définir et valider les configurations expérimentales, des réalisations de montages expérimentaux et la prise de mesures et l’analyse. Les montages expérimentaux que vous aurez à réaliser ou à superviser comprennent l’opto-mécanique, l’instrumentation ainsi que la programmation de l’instrumentation et de l’automatisation. La connaissance et le développement d’outils de modélisation en acoustique ultrasonore et d’outils de traitement et d’analyse des signaux sont essentiels pour cette position. Des compétences expérimentales pour la prise de mesure et la réalisation de montages expérimentaux en acoustique ultrasonore sont un atout et les compétences en optique ou ultrason laser sont également un atout. Certaines de vos activités viseront l’élaboration de nouvelles technologies ou la validation de nos technologies à de nouvelles applications pour l’industrie manufacturière, minière, de l’énergie et de l’environnement. Votre rôle demandera de réaliser  et/ou diriger des projets de recherche multidisciplinaires en collaboration avec des universitaires, des organismes gouvernementaux et des petites et moyennes entreprises à un stade précoce.

Être dans une position dynamique signifie que les journées de travail sont en constante évolution, stimulantes et motivantes. Vous êtes un acteur autonome qui peut exceller dans un environnement de R & D en évolution et stimulant et contribuer à l’orientation et aux priorités des activités de R & D de l’équipe technologies ultrasonores du centre de recherche Énergie, Mines et Environnement.

En vous joignant à notre équipe, vous bénéficierez d’une vaste gamme d’avantages qui incluent des régimes complets d’assurance médicale et dentaire, de pension et d’assurance ainsi que des congés annuels et autres.

Exigences d’éducation

Doctorat en génie physique ou en physique ou en génie mécanique ou en génie électrique.

Doctorat en génie dans un domaine pertinent combiné à de l’expérience en acoustique ultrasonore pourraient être considérés.

Exigences d’expérience

  • Expérience appréciable en modélisation de la propagation et interaction des ondes acoustiques ultrasonores.
  • Expérience appréciable en traitement du signal et analyse des données pour l’acoustique ultrasonore.
  • Expérience des concepts expérimentaux, y compris l’acquisition de données, la supervision et l’assurance de la qualité des données, la réalisation de montages expérimentaux, l’instrumentation et l’automatisation.
  • Expérience en caractérisation de matériaux.
  • Expérience en imagerie ultrasonore.
  • Expérience de base en optique et montages expérimentaux en optique.
  • Expérience au niveau de l’éventail complet des activités de recherche, y compris la rédaction de propositions, la gestion de projets, la production de données, la production de rapports, de présentations et de publications.
  • Une certaine expérience dans l’établissement de partenariats et de collaborations.


L’aide à la réinstallation sera déterminée conformément à la directive sur la réinstallation du CNRC.

Échelle de traitement

Ce poste appartient à la catégorie Agent de recherches (AR). Ce groupe, unique au CNRC, a recours à un système de classification axé sur la personne au lieu du système courant de classification axée sur les tâches. Cela signifie que les titulaires de ces postes sont rémunérés en fonction de leurs compétences ainsi que des résultats obtenus et des impacts engendrés dans le cadre de leur expérience de travail précédente. L’éventail des salaires de ce groupe est large, de 52,854$ à 149,416$ par année, ce qui permet aux employés de tous les niveaux, qu’ils soient nouveaux diplômés, spécialistes de réputation mondiale ou de tout autre niveau intermédiaire, d’être rémunérés de façon juste en fonction de leurs contributions.

De plus, le/la titulaire recevra une prime de bilinguisme de 800$ par année.


  • Une liste de candidats pré-qualifiés pourrait être établie pour une période d’un an pour des postes semblables.
  • Ce poste est annoncé à l’interne et à l’externe simultanément. On accordera cependant la priorité aux candidats internes du CNRC.
  • Les employés du CNRC bénéficient d’une vaste gamme d’avantages qui incluent des régimes complets d’assurance médicale et dentaire, de pension et d’assurance ainsi que des congés annuels et autres.
  • La préférence sera accordée aux citoyen(ne)s canadien(ne)s et résident(e)s permanent(e)s du Canada. Veuillez inclure des renseignements à cet égard dans votre demande.
  • Le ou la titulaire doit en tout temps respecter les mesures de sécurité au travail.

Comment postuler :

Postuler en ligne à

Noise Analyst, IV


Location: Great Lakes Division


HNTB, Noise Analyst, IV, Remote location, supporting MN, WI, IL, IN, MI, OH (Great Lakes Division)

What We’re Looking For

Noise Analyst: With minimal supervision develops technical solutions and strategies for planning projects or for portions of larger projects. Responsible for proactively overseeing other project team members in development of solutions. May serve as a task leader or project manager on a limited basis for select projects. Task assignee on multiple projects.

This position could be based anywhere in the country while working within our Great Lakes Division.

Primary Focus Will Include:

  • Conducts transportation noise studies for highway and transit projects and formulates the results into concise, well-written documents.
  • Prepares environmental impact assessments and related studies.
  • Oversees and participates in development of highway and transit noise analyses and documentation.
  • Attends meetings with clients and responsible agencies and presents noise analysis methods and results.
  • Participates as a subject matter expert in public involvement activities, including presentations at public workshops and public hearings.
  • Coordinates and consults with Federal, State and Local regulatory agencies on scope and impact of project.
  • Researches, writes and prepares transportation planning studies, NEPA environmental documents, and associated environmental permits.

Additional essential responsibilities include:

  • Environmental analysis, data collection, preparing written documentation of data and analyses that will be reviewed by both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Coordinate with project team members, clients and government agencies assist with the interpretation of environmental regulations and permits
  • Direct, coordinate and review technical work performed by other environmental project team members, particularly subconsultants.
  • Perform quality reviews of environmental deliverables and plan sets to ensure mitigation commitments and client requirements are met.
  • Prepare scopes of work, fee proposals and respond to RFP’s.
  • Participate on design-build teams on the owner’s behalf or the contractor’s behalf.

Preferred Qualifications and Skills:

  • 6 years related experience
  • 4 years related experience (with Master’s degree in Planning or related)
  • RLA, RA, PE registration or AICP, CEP certification
  • Bachelor’s degree in Planning, Civil or Environmental Engineering or related field.
  • PE registration or AICP, CEP or other related certification
  • Experience in highway or transit noise analysis and modeling is required.
  • Experience in the use of FHWA and FTA noise modeling and related tools, including Traffic Noise Model (TNM), ArcGIS, MicroStation, and transit noise and vibration impact assessment.
  • Experience in the analysis of the range of available data used to perform environmental analysis of highway and transit projects.
  • Excellent written, oral communication and presentation skills.
  • Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
  • Experience with air quality analyses and associated tools to support NEPA environmental documents

What You’ll Need

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Prepares scopes of work, fee proposals and assists with responses to RFP’s.
  • Coordinates with clients on a regular basis to complete assigned tasks.
  • May oversee the work of less experienced staff. Assists in directing teams for small scaled projects.
  • Conducts research and detailed analysis of data.
  • Interfaces with client group and community stakeholders. Responsible for significant portions of presentations and public facilitation.
  • Identifies and recommends appropriate technical procedures that should be used on a project.
  • Prepares technical plans and reports.
  • Prepares written reports on small to medium sized planning projects. Responsible for significant portions of presentations and public facilitation.
  • Uses technical software to perform project analysis.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

For More Information Contact:
Jennifer Kilian, Sr. Recruiter


Apply directly at:—Noise-Analyst_R-00303


About Us

For more than a century, HNTB has helped deliver infrastructure solutions that best meet the unique needs of our clients. With client relationships spanning decades, we understand infrastructure life cycles and have the perspective to solve technical challenges with clarity and imagination. We are far more than a design firm. We see and help address far-reaching issues of financing, legislation, design, construction, community outreach and ongoing operations. As employee-owners committed to the highest levels of performance, we enable clients to achieve their goals and inspiring visions.

Just like we are committed to delivering for our clients, HNTB is also committed to delivering for you by offering benefits to protect the health of you and your family, help you balance family and career, and build your savings for retirement. Learn more at

HNTB Corporation is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer, Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran.

The HNTB Companies are an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, marital status, genetic information, citizenship status, or other status protected by law. In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, we will hire only U.S. citizens and aliens lawfully authorized to work in the United States (if the position is or will be one which is subject to U.S. law). We will provide reasonable accommodation for qualified individual with a disability where appropriate.


Acoustical Engineer


Location:  Los Angeles CA


We are growing our Acoustical Team and are looking for qualified candidates with 2 to 5 years of industry experience to fill available positions (Acousticians, Senior Acousticians) in our Los Angeles office. Looking for motivated engineers who have a desire to interact with clients, manage projects, and effectively communicate information in everyday language. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of content delivery and advancing the field of both architectural and environmental acoustical consulting.

We consult on a variety of building types, including multi-family residential, K-12 education, higher education, hospitals, recording studios, fitness studios, performance arts facilities, houses of worship, and offices. Our services address sound isolation, room acoustics, building systems engineering analyses, and environmental noise monitoring. We work with Architects, Engineers, Building Owners, Developers, and other Consultants on issues relating to sound and vibration in buildings.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing architectural, MEP, and structural drawings
  • Developing recommendations, details, and comments for the project team
  • Conducting measurements and analyzing data for environmental noise and vibration, HVAC noise, room acoustics, and sound isolation

This position requires:

  • Experience using AutoCAD, Revit, and acoustical modeling software including CATT-Acoustic, ODEON, AIM, CadnaA, or equivalent software.
  • Experience with MS Office and related products
  • Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Acoustics, Physics, Engineering, Architecture, or related field with an emphasis on Acoustics preferred.
  • Use of ladders and ability to visit construction sites, carry equipment, etc.
  • Work occasional late nights or early mornings to conduct measurements
  • Potential travel within the western U.S.
  • Authorization to work in the U.S. without sponsorship


To apply, email resume and cover letter to:

Acoustic Consultant


Location: New York,, NY

Acoustic Consultant for SoundSense New York City office

Company Description

SoundSense is a premier design­build Acoustical Consulting & Design Firm that specializes in noise and vibration measurement & control for residential, industrial and commercial applications. SoundSense is a small business that has the experience, tools, patents, and innovative ideas to provide cost effective solutions to all types of acoustical problems.  As a complement to the design phase, SoundSense offers Construction Administration consulting services and progress testing to ensure the efficacy of acoustical treatment.



  • BS or MS in Engineering, preferably Mechanical or Acoustic Engineering.
  • 3 Years’ Experience or greater preferred, Sales Experience a plus
  • Proficiency with MS Office & CAD software (such as Sketch Up or AutoCAD) and Adobe Office
  • S. citizenship
  • Extensive knowledge of current acoustic equipment and standards



Consulting services that will be required of the candidate include: Engineering and development of design and construction documentation for sound separation and room environment analysis, inclusive of room modeling, FIIC, FSTC, and RT60; Project proposals and coordination; Outdoor transportation and mechanical noise monitoring and associated reduction design; Vibration, plumbing, and mechanical noise review; Construction noise, building, and noise code compliance.

The ideal candidate will consult with construction engineers, architects, as well as luxury residential clients on the acoustic design and sound quality of rooms and buildings. They will also ensure that buildings and mechanical equipment comply with local noise ordinances and standards. Experience in acoustic monitoring, solution set modeling, and noise reduction design is required.  Experience required also in field noise & vibration surveys, data evaluation, acoustical computations and design, as well as report preparation and presentation. Applicant must have excellent written and verbal skills to communicate a project from the development of the proposal through to project completion, clearly documenting each stage.  Ability to meet deadlines and adjust to quickly changing priorities is essential.

Salary to commensurate with skills and experience. SoundSense offer benefits packages including medical insurance, paid time off and 401K.

Applicant should send resume with cover letter to: Dr. Bonnie Schnitta

By email to

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