Congratulations to the New Fellows Elected at the fall 2019 meeting

Cynthia G. Clopper

For contributions to the acoustics and
perception of dialect variation

Michael R. Haberman

For contributions to acoustic
metamaterials and heterogeneous
acoustic media

Joel Mobley

For contributions to the ultrasonic
characterization of dispersive systems

Kuangcheng Wu

For contributions to the computational
evaluation of acoustic radiation
from submerged structures


Stanislav Emelianov

For contributions in photoacoustic,
molecular, and ultrasound elasticity imaging

Rolf Mueller

For advancing knowledge of the
acoustics underlying echolocation in bats

Linda Polka

For contributions to native and non-native
speech perception in infants and adults

Xiaoming Zhang

For contributions to ultrasound surface wave
elastography in biomedic


Congratulations to the New ASA Fellows Elected at the Spring 2019 Meeting

Virginia A. Best

For contributions to understanding the impact of listener factors on spatial hearing of speech

Chen-Fen Huang

For contributions to geoacoustic inversion for ocean state estimation

Nicholas J. Giordano

For advancement of computational modeling in musical acoustics


Martin D. Verweij

For contributions to nonlinear medical ultrasound

Jonas Braasch

For interdisciplinary contributions to musical acoustics and psychoacoustics of spatial audio technology

Qian-Jie  Fu

For contributions to understanding auditory perception with cochlear implants


Yun  Jing

For contributions to designing acoustic metamaterials and numerical modeling wave propagation



Not pictured:

Michael E. Ravicz

For contributions to measurements of middle-ear function



Congratulations to the following ASA members who were elected Fellows at the fall 2018 meeting

Megan S. Ballard

For contributions to shallow water
propagation and geoacoustic inversion

Lori J. Leibold

For contributions to our understanding
of auditory development

Edward J. Walsh

For contributions to auditory physiology, animal
bioacoustics, and public policy

Woojae Seong

Woojae Seong

For contributions to geoacoustic
inversion and ocean signal processing

Rajka Smiljanic

For contributions to cross-language
speech acoustics and perception

Robert W. Pyle, Jr.
For contributions to the understanding of the acoustics of brass musical instruments

Congratulations to the following ASA members who were elected Fellows at the spring 2018 meeting

Ahmed A. Al-Jumaily

For contributions to biomedical applications of acoustics and vibrations

Jan Dettmer

For contributions to inversion methods and uncertainty quantification applied to geoacoustics

Brian F. Katz

For contributions to measurement techniques and spatial hearing for auditory virtual reality

Eleanor P. Stride

For contributions to the modelling, development, and manufacturing of acoustically responsive biomaterials

Richard D. Costley, Jr.

For contributions to the analysis of battlefield acoustics and the acoustical properties of structures

Joseph R. Gladden, III

For service to and leadership in the field of physical acoustics

Colleen Reichmuth

For contributions to pinniped acoustics

Not Pictured

Dorian S. Houser
For advancing the understanding of the impacts of anthropogenic noise on marine mammals

Catherine L. Rogers
For contributions to speech communication through service, mentoring, and scholarship

David S. Woolworth
For contributions to general architectural acoustics and service to the Society

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