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ASA Publications’ Engagement Advisory Board Application

ASA Publication’s Engagement Advisory Board is a new initiative to help boost online engagement with our authors and readers for all ASA Publications. We are looking for volunteers from the ASA to develop and lead new engagement initiatives, as well as provide feedback and guidance on current online engagement efforts.

ASA Publications’ currently runs Twitter and Facebook pages for The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA), JASA Express Letters, and Proceedings for Meetings on Acoustics (POMA). These sites are run independently of ASA headquarters’ sites, although the two social media teams do work together to promote common initiatives (e.g., International Year of Sound events, calls for submissions, etc.).

The primary goal of ASA Publications’ social media accounts is to increase readership of journal content by highlighting current and historical articles of interest, which will increase awareness of acoustics and ASA; the secondary goal is to increase submissions to ASA journals.

Aims & Scope
The Engagement Advisory Board’s primary purpose is to help generate and implement new and creative ideas for social media and engagement for all ASA publications and across all demographics of the Society. Because the board is an entirely new initiative, board members will help shape and define the role of the board. Some current areas we are looking for assistance with:

– Creating and reviewing social media content to supplement posts about articles, such as quizzes, historical facts, videos/sound clips, infographics, etc. Upon request, Board Members would provide suggestions for content (eg, five historical facts about Signal Processing in Acoustics) or give feedback on content developed by ASA Publications staff (estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours/quarter).

– Curating content related to ASA Publications to share on social media. Board members will notify ASA Publications of media related to ASA articles and our authors that can be shared with our followers (estimated time commitment: <30min/week).

– Working with authors and editors to develop virtual events (e.g., Tweetorials, Twitter chats, journal club, etc.). Board members would suggest articles that may be of interest to highlight in virtual events, and may participate in these events (eg, prepare a gif poster for a Twitter poster session). Board members may also be asked to provide feedback on content developed by ASA Publications staff for events (estimated time commitment: 2-3 hours/quarter).

– Helping Publications staff quickly respond to technical comments/questions requiring subject-matter expertise on Publications social media channels. For instance, if a question is asked about the science of an Acoustical Oceanography article, and you work in the field, we may reach out to you for advice about how to reply. (Note: These types of questions or comments about posts are relatively infrequent, occurring perhaps once every few months.)

– Developing podcast topic ideas that would be relevant and interesting to acousticians; selecting articles to cover in podcast.

– Aid in boosting ASA Publications social media efforts. Board members would use their personal accounts to share and respond to posts as well as to promote virtual events or other initiatives (estimated time commitment: <30 min/week).

Note that day-to-day social media posts about journal articles, technical area picks, and other journal content are prepared by ASA Publications staff. Thus, the above initiatives are expected to supplement current social media strategies and are not meant to take copious amounts of time. Ideally, we would expect a Board Member to spend 3-5 hours per month between interacting with ASA Publications’ social media accounts online and helping develop new ideas for content.

ASA Publications is also open to ideas outside of the ones listed above and invites any suggestions you may have.

Board Structure and Term
The Engagement Advisory Board will be composed of a Chair and two to six board members. Terms are two years and are renewable. The board will have a kick-off call to discuss current social media efforts and potential initiatives and thereafter routinely meet at a schedule to be determined by the board members. The board will work closely with ASA Publications staff to implement potential ideas and initiatives.

Application Process
We welcome applications from ASA members representing diverse technical areas, careers, career levels, and race/ethnicities, who are actively involved with social media. This is a particularly good opportunity for anybody with an interest in science communication and/or education and would like to become more involved in ASA.

Applications are due by June 4, 2021. Applications will be evaluated by the journal editors and ASA Publications social media team, and recommended candidates for the board will be approved by the ASA President. Selected board members will be informed by late June.

Please fill out the following form to apply.

ASA Publications’ Engagement Advisory Board

Contact Information

First Name
Last Name


With advanced notice, would you be able to take part in periodic (monthly or bi-monthly) phone calls? *
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