Current ASA Meeting

Acoustics in Focus

Upcoming Meetings

    187th Meeting – Virtual Meeting, 18-22 November 2024

    188th Meeting – joint with the International Congress on Acoustics, New Orleans, Louisiana 18-23 May 2025

    189th Meeting – joint with the Acoustical Society of Japan, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1-5 December 2025

    190th Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11-15 May 2026

Plenary Session and Awards Ceremony Live

Diane Kewley-Port
President, Acoustical Society of America

Presentation of Awards

Likun Zhang, R. Bruce Lindsay Award

Michael R. Moldover, Helmholtz-Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal

in Physical Acoustics and Engineering Acoustics

James F. Lynch, Gold Medal


Society Reports

Andy Piacsek, Chair, Acoustics in Focus

Anna Diedesch, Technical Program Chair, Acoustics in Focus

Todd Hefner, Chair, Seattle Meeting, Fall 2021

Tyrone Porter, Chair, Committee to Improve

Racial Diversity and Inclusivity

James Miller, Chair, Acoustical Society Foundation Fund Board

New Fellows  Recognition

Kathryn H. Arehart – For contributions to the understanding of auditory perception, hearing loss, and hearing aids

Gregory Clement – For contributions to transcranial therapeutic ultrasound

Ewa Jacewicz – For contributions to the understanding of spectral and temporal dynamics in speech acoustics and perception

Joan A. Sereno – For contributions to speech learning, perception, and production across individuals and languages

Brian D. Simpson – For contributions to speech perception, spatial hearing, and the development of auditory displays

Pamela E. Souza – For advancing understanding of the factors that affect an individual’s response to hearing aid signal processing

Daniel J. Tollin – For multidisciplinary contributions linking acoustics, physiology, and behavior to the understanding of binaural hearing

Matthew W. Urban – For outstanding contributions to the field of ultrasonic assessment of biologic tissue properties

Recognition and Transition of Officers

Stanley E. Dosso, Vice President

Diane Kewley-Port, President


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