MSP International Airport

Location: Minneapolis, MN



Position Description:

Reporting to the Assistant Manager, Community Relations, this position will work within the Stakeholder Engagement department, which is part of the Strategy and Stakeholder Engagement Division. This division operates as an in-house team serving as stewards of strategy, developing strategic communications and creating stakeholder champions to ensure the organization delivers on its mission, vision and strategic goals.

The Stakeholder Engagement Department connects the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) to the community by designing and implementing best-in-class engagements and serving as the organization’s personal connection across communities.

This position coordinates all elements of the operations and maintenance of the MAC’s Noise and Operations Monitoring System (MACNOMS) Remote Monitoring Towers (RMTs) noise monitoring stations. These duties include: managing consultant services; conducting on-site maintenance and repair; conducting sophisticated noise monitoring studies on an as needed basis in a manner consistent with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI S1.4) and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM E966); preparing acoustical and aircraft operational data analyses, reports and presentations; developing, deploying and maintaining various remote surveillance technologies at the MAC system of airports to assist in operations monitoring.


Acoustical monitoring

  • Operate, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain all aspects of the permanent acoustical monitoring system and portable acoustical equipment according to accepted acoustical methods and standards.
  • Perform and track scheduled field inspections and instrument calibrations.
  • Manage the annual certification and repair of acoustical instruments with external service providers.
  • Understand MAC’s acoustical data acquisition system to ensure the acquired data is current, accurate, and useful; identify data irregularities and resolve errors in a timely manner.
  • Conceive, design, coordinate, analyze and report results of special ad-hoc monitoring projects, including portable monitoring studies and structure attenuation studies, in a manner consistent with national standards and requirements.
  • Maintain accurate documentation of the permanent acoustical monitoring system assets, acoustical components, data download, and troubleshooting processes.

Data Analysis and Support

  • Oversee acoustical data acquisition, which includes downloading, quality control checks, organizing, analyzing, calculating, and maintaining accurate system documentation.
  • Analyze MACNOMS data to extract causes, effects, trends and projections. Report results and provide recommendations for evaluation and decision-making.
  • Support the MSP Noise Oversight Committee (NOC) and Reliever Commissions with acoustics analyses, monthly and quarterly reporting, and presentations.
  • Produce maps, conduct analyses and prepare correspondence on request for MAC, community members, consultants, and the NOC.
  • Conduct research and assist in the preparation and delivery of presentations.



  • Operate MAC vehicles on and off airport property.
  • Oversee and document expenditures relative to RMT service and maintenance and mobile noise monitoring expenses.
  • Assist with business system documentation.
  • Assist with the operation and advancement of MACNOMS.
  • Represent the MAC in presenting information in public meetings and informal settings.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Two-year degree in aviation, acoustics, electronics, engineering or related field. (Note: Four (4) years of actual noise monitoring experience and/or technical electronics certification/experience may be substituted for a maximum of two (2) years of education.).
  • Ability to work independently and unsupervised in both indoor and outdoor environments in a safe manner.
  • Experience with spreadsheet, database, presentation and word processing software.
  • Ability to communicate and engage stakeholders, in a clear and calm manner, with varying levels of understanding of sound, noise, airport operations, and noise related to aviation.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage technical projects which may include developing noise monitoring studies, establishing strategy to meet objectives of the project, and collecting, processing and analyzing data.

Desirable Requirements:

  • 4 years of experience or more in environmental acoustics consulting role working on a variety of projects.
  • 2 years of experience or more working with an aircraft Noise and Operations Monitoring System (NOMS).
  • Acoustical monitoring experience and knowledge of acoustical instrumentation, measurement methods and analysis including the setup, operation, and maintenance of acoustical equipment.
  • Previous airport work experience and working knowledge of airport operations, air traffic control, and aviation noise issues.
  • Experience with and/or capacity to learn:
    1. relational databases (PostGreSQL, SQL)
    2. FAA’s Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT)
    3. Esri ArcMap, or other Geographical Information System (GIS) software
    4. Larson Davis products including G4
    5. PowerBI or other data visualization software
  • Experience in the development of advanced data analysis techniques.
  • Private Pilot’s License.


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