Behrens and Associates/Environmental Noise Control

Location: Hawthorne, CA


Behrens and Associates is a full-service acoustical engineering firm specializing in all aspects of environmental noise and vibration measurement, monitoring, analysis and mitigation. We offer practical noise and vibration control solutions using proprietary materials that have been designed to mitigate unwanted noise and vibration. We have an excellent opportunity for a talented Acoustical Engineer. We are looking for a hands-on acoustics professional who has experience in project management, as well as practical field knowledge.

Basic Function:
Provides acoustic and vibration technical support on a wide variety of industrial, construction, entertainment, oil and gas, commercial and environmental projects. The position supports product development, testing and sales with research, product design, analytical modeling, test coordination and diagnostics.
The individual participates in the establishment of product sound requirements and is usually a member of several product development teams. The individual has a good understanding of industry sound rating standards and other equipment sound test methods. The individual has a basic understanding of the design, sound rating, performance and cost of competitive equipment and knows how the sound monitoring equipment is positioned in the market with respect to these attributes. The individual is very skilled in acoustic and vibration test methods.


• Perform noise and vibration measurements.
• Preparation of technical reports.
• Interface with the engineering manager, senior engineers, operations managers, technicians and client as appropriate to complete each project.
• Develop noise analysis models, usually in the form of three-dimensional SoundPLAN or Bruel & Kjaer Predictor software models, to predict noise levels at the project site and determine whether mitigation measures are needed.
• Design appropriate noise mitigation systems for projects and understand the principles of their operation.
• Building productive, professional relationships with decision makers and key personnel with existing and potential customers.
• Provide customer service and act as one of the points of contact for clients including resolving client issues and complaints for acoustical services in the Rockies.
• Estimated 20% travel within the surrounding states with occasional travel to support other areas of operation within the U.S. and Canada.

Engineers should be and/or become proficient in the following software:
• SoundPLAN or Predictor
• Bruel & Kjaer BZ5503, Evaluator, ENM Client and Pulse
• Quest meter data translation software
• Profound VMS software, Sigicom INFRA Net Manager

Applicants can apply by sending their resume to

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