Open Standards Committee Ballots

Open Standards Committee Ballots

Updated 1/17/2016

S1 – Acoustics







S2 – Mechanical Vibration and Shock



Doc/LB Proposal to approve two new drafts as American National Standards:

BSR/ASA S2.75-201x/Part 1 Shaft Alignment Methodology, Part 1: General Principles, Methods, Practices, and Tolerances; and BSR/ASA S2.75-201x/Part 2 Shaft Alignment Methodology, Part 2: Vocabulary


Due Date: 1/23/2017


Admin/LB Proposal to reaffirm BSR/ASA S2.8-2007 (R201x) Technical Information Used for Resilient Mounting Applications

Due Date: 2/28/2017


S3 – Bioacoustics



Admin/LB Approve new working group S3/WG 94 “Localization Standards” and NWIP S3.71


Due Date: 1/24/2017


S3/SC 1 – Animal Bioacoustics







S12 – Noise



Admin/LB Proposed approval of two new work item proposals to begin work on BSR/ASA S12.9/Part 8 and S12.9/Part 9


Due Date: 1/25/2017


Admin/LB Proposed reaffirmation of BSR/ASA S12.51-2012/ISO 3741:2010 Acoustics – Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure – Precision methods for reverberation test rooms


Due Date: 2/23/2017



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