Meeting Schedules



 14-18 March 2016
 Sydney, Australia

ISO/TC 108/SC 2 Measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibration and shock as applied to machines, vehicles and structures

ISO/TC 108/SC 5 Condition monitoring and    diagnostics of machine systems

11-15 April 2016

 Copenhagen, Denmark

ISO/TC 108 Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring

ISO/TC 108/SC 3 Use and calibration of vibration and shock measuring instruments

ISO/TC 108/SC 6 Vibration and shock generating systems

 20-24 June 2016  Teddington, Middlesex UK

 ISO/TC 43/SC 3 Underwater acoustics

 5-9 September 2016  (Barakaldo) Bilbao, Spain

 ISO/TC 108/SC 4 Human exposure to mechanical vibration and shock



23-27  May 2016                      
Salt Lake City, UT
ASC S1, ASC S2, ASC S3, ASC S3/SC 1, ASC S12
Standards Plenary Group
U.S. TAGs to ISO/TC 108 & its subcommittees
U.S. TAGs to ISO/TC 43 & TC 43/SC 1 & TC 43/SC 3
U.S. TAG to IEC/TC 29
ASA Committee on Standards