U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 108, Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring

Chair: W. Madigosky
email: wmadigosky@yahoo.com

Scope of ISO/TC 108, Mechanical vibration, shock, and condition monitoring

Standardization in the field of mechanical vibration and shock and condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines, including:

Accredited Standards Committee S12, Noise

Chair: S.J. Lind
phone: (608) 787-4351
email: slind@trane.com

Vice Chair: D. Winker
phone: (512) 531-6419
email: douglas.winker@ets-lindgren.com

Accredited Standards Committee S3, Bioacoustics

Chair: C.J. Struck
phone: (415) 923-9535
email: cjs@cjs-labs.com

Vice Chair: P. Nelson
phone: (612) 625-4569
email: nelso477@umn.edu

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Acoustical Society of America
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