Floyd Dunn

FLOYD DUNN, a former President of the Acoustical Society of America, was born in Kansas City, Missouri on 14 April 1924. Floyd, his younger brother, Marvin, and younger sister, Shirley, grew up during the depression. Floyd was an avid participant and fan of baseball and tennis in high school in Kansas City. Following high school graduation, Floyd worked days and went to the Kansas City junior college in the evenings for two years before joining the Army of the United State where he served during 1943–1946 in the European Theater.

Karl Uno Ingard

Turn back the clock to June 26, 1954. 1954 was the year that the Acoustical Society of America celebrated its 25th anniversary, and the highlight of that year was the 25th Anniversary Celebration Banquet held on June 26 at the Hotel Statler in New York. It took three sets of a two-tiered dias to hold the distinguished guests of the acoustics world, many in black ties and white dinner jackets.

ICA 2013 Abstract Submission Info

ICA 2013

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Ira Dyer

The1996 Gold Medalist is Professor Ira Dyer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The award of the Gold Medal to Ira recognizes a distinguished career in acoustics spanning close to five decades. He has had a major influence on all aspects of the Acoustical Society of America.

Kenneth N. Stevens

KEN STEVENS has been a member of this society for 45 years. During that period of time he has been a faithful and durable jogger, running, we estimate, some 13,500 miles, or the distance from here to Sydney, Australia. And this is merely one of his memorable feats. When Ken hasn't been running, cycling, playing the harpsichord, or tinkering with his cottage in Liberty, Maine, he has been distinguishing himself as our foremost student of speech.

David M. Green

DAVID MARVIN GREEN was born in Jackson, Michigan on 7 June 1932. He received B. A. degrees from The University of Chicago in 1952 and The University of Michigan in 1954. In an introductory psychology course at Michigan he was assigned to a section taught by Wilson P. Tanner, Jr., from the vantage point of the theory of signal detectability. Dave was recruited to serve as a subject in John Swets's thesis experiment on human signal detection and then in his first year of graduate school in psychology he joined Tanner, Swets, and T. G.

David T. Blackstock

DAVID THEOBALD BLACKSTOCK was born in Austin, Texas, on 13 February 1930. The site of his home during high school is now occupied by the Mechanical Engineering Department building at the University of Texas at Austin, where David currently holds the position of Professor. He received B.S. and M.A. degrees in Physics from the University of Texas, after which he served as an Air Force officer at Wright Field in Ohio under the supervision of Henning von Gierke. While in Ohio, David met and married Marjorie Goodson.

Ira J. Hirsh

IRA J. HIRSH was born in New York City on 22 February 1922. He received his B.A. degree from New York State College for Teachers (Albany) in 1942. One year later he married a fellow student, Shirley Kyle. While waiting for an opening in the Air Force Communication Officers School, he accepted a scholarship to Northwestern's School of Speech. On arriving in Evanston he met Ray Carhart, who influenced him away from drama and toward clinical training in speech and hearing.


ICA 2013

Accommodations/Transportation/Visitor Information

You are strongly encouraged to book your hotel accommodations and transportation for the ICA 2013 meeting in Montreal as soon as possible. There is another major event in Montreal that overlaps the 2-7 June 2013 period of ICA 2013. The Montreal F1 Grand Prix is scheduled for 7-9 June 2013. This is a huge drawing card and hotels throughout Montreal are filling quickly and raising their room rates.


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