Richard H. Lyon

RICHARD H. LYON was born on 24 August 1929 and grew up in Evansville, Indiana. He attended Evansville College (now the University of Evansville) as a physics major and graduated magna cum laude in June 1952. In July 1952, Dick left Evansville for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he was a graduate student in the Department of Physics. He worked with Dr. T.F. Hueter on thick plate vibrations and then did his doctoral thesis research under Professor K.U. Ingard on the turbulent excitation of strings.

Tony F. W. Embleton

TONY FREDERICK WALLACE EMBLETON was born in Hornchurch, near London, England on 1 October 1929. After receiving a classical education from Brentwood School, he entered Imperial College in 1947 with a Royal Scholarship. He received his B.Sc. in Honor Physics from the University of London 3 years later. During this time, Tony became acquainted with R.W.B. Stephens and decided to join the newly-formed Acoustics Group in the Physics Department of Imperial College where he received a Ph.D. in physics for his experimental work on finite amplitude waves in 1952.

Robert E. Apfel

ROBERT EDMUND APFEL was born on March 16, 1943 to Mark and Anita Apfel in New York City. Bob developed a creative spirit and a love for the well-put word while growing up with two brothers in Harrison, NY. He first developed an interest in acoustics at Tufts University, where he graduated magna cum laude in 1964, also earning his Phi Beta Kappa pin. As a senior, he merged a love of both music and physics by studying the acoustics of a Tufts performance hall.

Herman Medwin

HERMAN MEDWIN, past President of the Acoustical Society of America and founder of the Acoustical Society's Acoustical Oceanography Technical Committee, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. He spent his early years in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where at the age of 10 he began what became his lifelong avocation of playing the violin. He subsequently attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he received his B.S. in Physics (1941).

Murray Strasberg

MURRAY STRASBERG was born in New York City in 1917. While in high school he began to demonstrate this technological bent, joining the Physics Club and winning an automobile in an Erector Set contest with a working model of a complicated road-making machine. At the College of the City of New York, his interest in music and the new electronics lead to courses in Acoustics and Communication Engineering in addition to his Physics major and Chemistry minor. He graduated in 1938 with a B.S. in Physics.


ICA 2013

International Congress on Acoustics

Registration Info

ICA 2013

Registration Information

The registration desk at the meeting will open on Sunday afternoon, 2 June 2013, at the Palais des congrès. Register online or use the downloadable form.

If your registration is not received at the ASA headquarters by 1 May 2013 you must register on-site.  

Registration fees in US dollars (USD) are as follows

Information for Students

ICA 2013

Information for Students

Students will find in their meeting registration envelopes a small sticker to place on their name tags identifying them as students. Although wearing the sticker is not mandatory, it will allow for easier networking between students and other meeting attendees.

Henning E. von Gierke

HENNING E. VON GIERKE as born in Karlsruhe, Germany on 22 May 1917 into a family whose heritage includes scientists in the fields of medicine and jurisprudence. In the late 1930s he began studies of electrical engineering and acoustics at the Technical Universities in Karlsruhe and Munich, receiving a Diplom Ingenieur in 1943 and a Doktor of Engineering (Communications Engineering, Acoustics) in 1944 from the Technical University Karlsruhe.


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