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Membership Committee

Membership Committee

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Membership Committee is charged with reviewing applications for Membership and nominations for Fellowship in the Society, and selecting the applications and nominations to be submitted to the Executive Council for approval.

The committee is composed of one representative from each of the Technical Committees of the Society and a Chair, all who are Fellows of the Society.


ICA 2013

The guidelines are being prepared and will be available shortly

Manuscript deadline

ICA 2013

The manuscript submission deadline has passed.

Inside Science TV

Inside Science Television (ISTV) produces short-form new vignettes about cutting-edge research and development in science, engineering, and mathematics designed to fit seamlessly into local televison newscasts in markets across the United States and around the world.

New Standards Published

ASA Store

Our newest standards are listed below.  To purchase these and other National and International Standards related to acoustics and vibration, visit the new ASA Online Store.

ANSI/ASA S2.75-2017/Part 1 American National Standard Shaft Alignment Methodology, Part 1: General Principles, Methods, Practices, and Tolerances

ANSI/ASA S2.75-2017/Part 2 American National Standard Shaft Alignment Methodology, Part 2: Vocabulary

ANSI/ASA S12.76-2017 American National Standard Methods for Measurement of Supersonic Jet Noise from Uninstalled Military Aircraft Engines

ANSI/ASA S3.7-2016 American National Standard Method for Measurement and Calibration of Earphones

ANSI/ASA S12.70-2016 American National Standard Criteria for Evaluating Speech Privacy in Healthcare Facilities 

ANSI/ASA S1.6-2016 American National Standard Preferred Frequencies and Filter Band Center Frequencies for Acoustical Measurements 


Media Webcast KC

Webcast Media on Discoveries in Acoustics

What: Media Webcast: Notable Research from Acoustical Society Meeting

When: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Russell Johnson

Russell Johnson, eleventh recipient of the Society's Wallace Clement Sabine Medal, was born on 14 September 1923 in Briar Creek, Pennsylvania. Berwick, the nearest big town, housed the American Car and Foundry Company's (ACF) industrial plant which provided employment for Russell's grandfather, William Smith Johnson, his dad Frederick, and several of his uncles, as well as for Russell himself in his teens. He quickly rose from messenger to "ink-on-vellum" draftsman as soon as his supervisors noticed his awakening design talent.

A. Harold Marshall

Professor Harold Marshall is widely known for his discovery of the importance of lateral reflections in the appreciation of concert hall sound, and the subsequent application of this concept in a number of innovative concert hall designs. However, his other contributions to the field of architectural acoustics and other talents may not be so well known.


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