ASA launches

The Acoustical Society Of America Is pleased to announce the launch of  www.acousticstoday.orgits web site for the magazine Acoustics Today.  Our new site includes the magazine's current issue, as  well all back issues dating back to the inaugural issue from 2005. also features news of the Acoustical Society of America and the very latest about acoustics.

The goal for is to provide members of ASA with a convenient site to view or download any content from the magazine. All issues and articles are open access, so readers are encouraged to  use the them in teaching and to share with colleagues about acoustics topics. Another goal for the site, and for the magazine, is to provide outstanding articles covering all aspects of acoustics that can be  used by students, industry, regulators, and anyone else who has interest in obtaining information about acoustics as prepared by the leading scientists and engineers in the field. Indeed, we look forward to becoming the "go to" site for acoustics information.

Each issue of Acoustics Today is opened in special on-line PDF magazine reader which allows readers to view or download entire issues or individual articles. The pages of are fully searchable and all issues of the magazine are searchable once you are viewing them within the special "Epaper Flip" PDF magazine reader. One new feature planned for future issues of Acoustics Today is for the on-line PDF versions of articles to include links to sounds, videos, and other multimedia material. (The URL's also will be provided in each print issue). Visitors to the multimedia page will find links from that material back to the articles that refer to them and vice versa. This new option provides authors with exciting new ways to present material and we look forward to its increased use. The "Acoustics Forum and News" section has several current RSS feeds on acoustics, the ASA Student Council facebook feed as well as a few initial blog posts. Please feel free to join in the discussions started there and give us some feedback on the website or ideas on topics about which you would like to hear.

We encourage all ASA members to visit and share it with others who are not ASA members. Please include the URL as a link on your web sites and use the social media share links below to help us spread the word. And, if you have suggestions about things we might add to our web site, or suggestions for improvement of material that is already there, please drop a note to the Acoustics Today editor, Arthur Popper ( or join in the discussion on the "Acoustics Forum" page. We very much look forward to your input and support of our newest endeavor.