Membership Committee

Membership Committee

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) Membership Committee is charged with reviewing applications for Membership and nominations for Fellowship in the Society, and selecting the applications and nominations to be submitted to the Executive Council for approval.

The committee is composed of one representative from each of the Technical Committees of the Society and a Chair, all who are Fellows of the Society.

Detailed information about submitting nominations for Fellowship appear below. Detailed procedures of the Membership Committee are available from the office of the Society.

 Committee Members – May 2012 to May 2014

Chair: Lynne A. Werner

Acoustical Oceanography: Andone C. Lavery

Animal Bioacoustics: Aaron M. Thode

Architectural Acoustics:  K. Anthony Hoover

Biomedical Acoustics: Thomas J. Matula

Engineering Acoustics: Stephen C. Thompson

Musical Acoustics: James W. Beauchamp

Noise: Alexander U. Case

Physical Acoustics: to be appointed

Psychological and Physiological Acoustics: Marjorie R. Leek

Signal Processing in Acoustics: James C. Preisig

Speech Communication: Suzanne E. Boyce

Structural Acoustics and Vibration: Kai Ming Lai

Underwater Acoustics: William L. Siegmann


Information for Sponsors Recommending Members for Advancement to Fellowship

in the Acoustical Society of America

1. The bylaws state that any Member or Associate who has rendered conspicuous service or made notable contributions to the advancement or diffusion of the knowledge of acoustics or the fostering of its practical applications shall be eligible for election to Fellowship in the Society. A recommendation for advancement to Fellowship is appropriate any time after an individual has become a member of the Acoustical Society of America, depending on his or her contributions to the field.

2. Any full Member or Fellow of the Society may serve as sponsor of the member to be nominated for Fellowship. The sponsor should collect a professional history of the nominee and submit it, with an accompanying letter of nomination, to the Headquarters Office of the Society. The professional history should include the following:

•Education, including all degrees and awarding institutions

•Positions held

•Major professional achievements and awards

•Contributions to acoustics, including inventions and patents

•Publications including the initial and final page numbers for each publication. Please indicate also whether the publication is an article, letter, abstract, chapter in a book, etc.

• Details of the nominee’s involvement in the ASA including publication in ASA journals, attendance and presentations at ASA meetings, participation in ASA technical and administrative committees, service as ASA officer, technical session chair, journal Associate Editor, and reviewer for ASA publications.

3. The nominating letter should discuss why election of the nominee to Fellowship is appropriate and also propose a brief citation for the nominee. If the nominee is advanced to Fellowship, the citation will be published in the Acoustical News section of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. The citation should be preferably six to twelve words in length, but it must not exceed twenty words.

Examples of Recent Citations

For contributions to acoustical design of performing spaces
For contributions to understanding the acoustics of marine mammals
For contributions to the acoustics of marine sediments
For contributions to therapeutic ultrasound
For contributions to microelectromechanical systems acoustic transducers
For contributions to ultrasonic signal generation and processing
For contributions to ocean acoustic instrumentation
For contributions to noise control and acoustic holography
For contributions to nonlinear acoustics and time reversal
For the application of ultrasonics to condensed matter physics
For contributions to neural encoding in binaural hearing
For contributions to fluid-structure interaction in sonar arrays
For contributions to vocal tract and speech modeling
For contributions to the mechanics of vocal fold vibration
For contributions to underwater acoustic reverberation and clutter

4. At least two supporting letters for the nominee are required, prepared by Fellows or full Members of the Society. Of the three letters regarding the nomination at least two of the letters must come from Fellows of the Society. The supporting letters should include support for the proposed citation. It is entirely the responsibility of the sponsor to solicit the supporting letters and insure their timely delivery to the ASA Headquarters Office.

5. Nominators and supporters should refer to the “Guidelines for preparing nominating and seconding letters for Fellowship nominations” in order to prepare letters that include the details required by the Membership Committee to evaluate nominations and the contributions of the nominees.

6. Of the three letters required, one from the sponsor and two from additional Members or Fellows of the Society, not more than one should be from a Member or Fellow employed by the organization which employs the candidate.

7. All documents related to the nomination, including the nominating and supporting letters and the professional history, should be sent to the ASA Headquarters Office. When all the required documents are received, they will be forwarded to the Membership Committee.

8. Nominations may be submitted by e-mail attachment provided that the letters appear on letterhead stationery and carry the signatures of the authors.

9. The Membership Committee will review the material, and, if it considers the nominee’s election to Fellowship appropriate, will recommend such election to the Executive Council of the Society.

10. The Membership Committee normally meets during the biannual Society meetings to act on nominations. To insure the availability of the required documents for review by the Committee members beforehand, all the documents must be received in the ASA Headquarters Office at least six weeks before the meeting at which action is desired.

11.  E-mail/postal mail address for submitting nominations:

Acoustical Society of America
1305 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 300
Melville, NY 11747-4300