ASA North Carolina Royster Award and Student Chapter Awards

Acoustical Society of America North Carolina Chapter

Student Poster Competition Results


The ASA North Carolina Chapter held its student poster competition, including the Royster Award, on Friday November 11.  Thirteen posters were submitted.  There were 9 graduate student entries, 5 of which were eligible for the Royster Award, and 4 entries from undergraduate students.  In addition to the $2500 Royster Award, the chapter provided $2000 in prizes open to all graduate students and $500 in prizes for the undergraduate students.




The graduate students were from Duke University (2), UNC Chapel Hill (2), NC State University (3), and Virginia Tech (2).  The undergraduates were from East Carolina University.  A wide variety of topics was covered including some excellent graduate posters that were not eligible for the Royster Award.  The undergraduate posters were also excellent and could have competed with some of the graduate posters.


Royster Award and Graduate Student Entries

The Royster Competition is made possible by the generous support of Larry and Julia Royster.


Julia Royster (middle) and Larry Royster (right)


Candidates for the Royster Award and their project titles:

  • Aaron Kanapesky, Virginia Tech, Revisiting Natural Materials and Conditions for Manipulating Room Acoustics
  • Siddarth Mahajan, North Carolina State University, Evaluation of Smartphones for Sound Level Measurements
  • Nicolas Morales, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Acoustic Material Optimization
  • Randall Rehfuss, Virginia Tech, Recreation of Masonry Acoustic Tile
  • Auston Sterling, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Material Damping Parameter Estimation from Audio

Other graduate student entries and their project titles:

  • Julius Elo, North Carolina State University, Auralization of Old St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Dean Culver, Duke University, Asymptotic Modal Analysis of Coupled Acoustic and Structural Systems
  • Ying Zhang, Duke University, The Contribution of Acoustic Waves to Kidney Stone Fracture during Nano Pulse Lithotripsy
  • Dingjie Suo, North Carolina State University, Thrombolysis using Multi-Frequency High Intensity Focused Ultrasound at MHz Range; an In Vitro study

Judging panel for the graduate posters including the Royster Award:

  • Reginald O. Cook, retired from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and US Public Health Service
  • Bruce Ikelheimer, President of Acoustic Analytics consulting firm
  • Laurie R. Kamper, AIA, MArch.  Senior Consultant with Threshold Acoustics
  • James G. Maddrey, Jr, retired noise control engineer from Reynolds Industries
  • Teresa Jean Ryan, Professor of Engineering at East Carolina University



The $2500 Royster Award was awarded to Nicolas Morales.



Nicolas Morales


Recipients of other graduate awards included Dean Culver ($500), Dingjie Suo ($500), and Ying Zhang ($1000). 


              Dean Culver                                      Dingjie Suo                                         Ying Zhang


Undergraduate Student Entries

All graduate students were eligible for a share of $2000 in additional awards provided by the North Carolina Regional Chapter.

Undergraduate entries and project titles:

  • William J. Miller, East Carolina University, Characterization of Channel Bleed in a Commercial Audio Recorder.
  • Melissa A. Hall, East Carolina University, Measurement System to Characterize Acoustic Transmission Loss Under Varying Atmospheric Conditions.
  • Alan Fader, East Carolina University, Microphone and Commercial Audio Recorder Calibration Techniques.
  • Noah Sonne and Joseph Albany, East Carolina University, A System for High Spatial Resolution Characterization of an Acoustic Source. 

Judging panel for the undergraduate posters:

  • Joseph F. Bridger, Principal Consultant, Stewart Acoustical Consultants
  • W. Chris Eaton, Senior Consultant, Stewart Acoustical Consultants
  • Richard Honeycutt, Principal Consultant, EDC Sound Services



Undergraduate awards were made to Melissa Hall ($300), Noah Sonne and and Joseph Albany ($100 each) 


                   Melissa Hall                                   Noah Sonne and Joseph Albany