How to Propose Holding an ASA Meeting in Your Area

Semiannual meetings are the pulse of our Society. The meetings enable acousticians to present their work and learn about the work of others, make contact with colleagues, mentor students, participate in the administrative committees that steer our Society, and partake of local culture in the cities where they are held.

The Chair of an ASA meeting is responsible for overseeing all aspects of meeting planning. Chairing a meeting involves a variety of activities including the formation of a local organizing committee and overseeing its activities and working with the ASA staff to run a successful meeting. The process requires a significant time commitment, and it is important to have an engaged local committee. The ASA will arrange for a certified meeting planner to handle negotiations with the hotel and other vendors for meeting services. Advice and counsel is readily available from previous Chairs, who are always ready to answer questions and offer suggestions.

Chairing an ASA meeting is an important service to the Society. Most who do this find it immensely rewarding, as it provides an opportunity to showcase their city and expose the Society to their local environment and culture.

Few forms of service are more important. We hope that you will consider taking on this responsibility at some point during your career. Should you have an interest in finding out more about what is involved, please consider attending a meeting of the Committee on Meetings. These meetings are held on Tuesday afternoon at each spring and fall meeting of the Society.

If you are interested in chairing a meeting in your area, you should first contact the chair of the Meetings Committee and the Executive Director to discuss pros and cons for holding a meeting in your city, and potentially request that an item be placed on the agenda for discussion with the Meetings Committee at the next ASA meeting. Please submit a brief proposal including the following information to the Meetings Committee Chair and the Executive Director:

ASA Meeting Proposal

• Date of Proposal:

• City:

• Proposed General Chair:

• Local members who have interest in serving on organizing committee

• Proposed Technical Program Chair (may be named at a later time)

• Is there an ASA Regional Chapter or Student Chapter in your area?

• Have there been previous discussions with the Meetings Committee about this proposal

When a proposal is approved by the Executive Council, the Executive Director will contact you to discuss next steps to be taken to plan your meeting.

If you have any questions about proposing a meeting in your area, please contact the Executive Director, or the Chair of the Committee on Meetings at We’ll be happy to help.