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American National Standards Committees

ASC S1, Acoustics
ASC S2, Mechanical Vibration and Shock
ASC S3, Bioacoustics
ASC S3/SC 1, Animal Bioacoustics
ASC S12, Noise

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U.S. Technical Advisory Groups (U.S. TAGs)

ISO/TC 108, Mechanical vibration and shock
ISO/TC 43, Acoustics
ISO/TC 43/SC 1, Noise
ISO/TC 43/SC 3, Underwater Acoustics

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IEC/TC 29,  Electroacoustics
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National Meetings


May 7-11 – ASA Spring Meeting, Minneapolis, MN
480 ASACOS Agenda Minneapolis 2018
PL140 Plenary Agenda Minn 2018
S1-805 Agenda – Minn 2018
S2-859 Agenda Minn 2018
S3-790 Agenda Minneapolis 2018
S3-SC 1-102 Agenda – Minn 2018
S12-891 Agenda Minn 2018

November 5-9 – ASA Fall Meeting, Victoria, Canada


International Meetings


August 13-17 – ISO TC 108/SC 5 Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics of Machine Systems, Helsinki, Finland

August 27-31 – ISO TC 108/SC 4 Human Exposure to Mechanical Vibration and Shock, Osaka, Japan

September 24 – 28 – IEC TC 29 Electroacoustics, Ottawa, Canada

October 15-19 – ISO TC 43/SC 3 Underwater Acoustics, Hangzhou, China

November – ISO TC 43 Acoustics & ISO TC 43/SC 1 Noise, Matsue, Japan


(TBD – Feb/Mar) – ISO TC 108 Mechanical Vibration, Shock and Condition Monitoring & ISO TC 108/SC 2 Measurement and Evaluation of Mechanical Vibration and Shock as Applied to Machines, Vehicles and Structures & ISO TC 108/SC 6 Vibration and Shock Generating Systems, Berlin, Germany


International Standards Travel Award Form

R.W. Young Travel Award Form

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