Learn About Acoustics

Inside Science Television are recent TV stories about cutting edge research and development in acoustics and other disciplines.


Exploresound.org is ASA's K-12 outreach site with activities for students and research-based, student tested materials for teachers.




Listen to Sounds

The ASA Listen to Sounds page containing a range of sounds including animals, musical instruments and even underwater sounds from an earthquake!


Acoustics of Classrooms

Members of the ASA volunteered their time to develop standards on classroom acoustics for creating environments with desirable learning conditions. The standards are available for free download at the ASA Standards StoreThree booklets on the topic of classroom acoustics have also been prepared and can be downloaded without charge.

ASA Education/Outreach Partnerships

Optical Society of America Foundation and the ASA formed a partnership in 2008 for the purpose of creating education outreach materials. This partnership has resulted in the making waves poster series, the exploresound.org website and creating activity kits for teachers.


The ASA recently partnered with The Noisy Planet to help spread the word into our schools and communities about the importance of protecting our hearing.