Task Force 3 - Dissemination of Information and Knowledge

Achievements 2016

ASA Strategic Plan Task Force 3: Dissemination of Information and Knowledge Objective: Streamline and upgrade author, reader, editor and reviewer experience in all publication processes. 

Current members: Mike Buckingham, chair

Jim Lynch (EIC)
Charles Church (EIC-JASA-EL)
Arthur Popper (EIC-Acoustics Today)
Kent Gee (EIC-POMA)
Adrian K.C. Lee (AE-JASA)
Ning Xiang (AE-JASA)
Mary Guillemette (MA Publications Office)
Helen Wall-Murray (MA Publications Office)
Liz Bury (MA Publications Office)
Kelly Quigley (NY Publications Office)
Diana Kewley-Port
Saana McDaniel (JASA EL Manuscript Manager)
John Buck


Action Plan: Various Action items were identified at the ASA Jacksonville and Salt Lake City meetings. To discuss these, the group had monthly, one-hour long teleconference calls. Edited typed notes of these conference calls were distributed by the Publications Office about 10 days after each meeting.


Ten Action Items (five from each meeting)

1) Templates
a) Beta-version JASA Latex template created and put online. Has been successful, but is limited.
b) Vendor being hired (pending approval) to create more professional JASATeX template for JASA and JASA-EL c) POMA LaTex template created, Word already exists

2) Keywords
a) Transfer from PXP system to new EM peer review system successful.
b) Keyword “thesaurus” under development as part of Scitation upgrade.

3) Promoting our publications a) A full program is being developed in collaboration with AIPP b) Mailings, JASA website, meeting promotions, social media, and other approaches are being pursued.

4) Documentation
a) Key documentation needs are being addressed for completion next Spring.
b) A prioritized list of improvements has been created and will guide efforts this spring.

5) Speed of publication
a) Quality control step simplified
b) Editor assignment step procedure modified by adding “coordinating editors.”
c) New Managing Editor is tracking manuscripts and chasing lagging manuscripts
d) Processes for covering vacation, sickness and meeting times have been developed.

6) POMA co-sponsored meeting augmentation
a) Requesting 0.5 FTE, who will enable most co-sponsored meetings to be published in POMA
b) Rightslink improvement and added capability at AIPP make this possible on their side.

7) Coordinating Editor position(s). [The CEs are AEs who help assign manuscripts to appropriate AEs. This reduces “mis-assignment” delays]
a) Has been implemented in “beta” test and is working well.
b) Are requesting CE’s from all Technical Committees

8) Associate Editor Orientation document
a) This document is currently in draft form.
b) Aries system webinar is being videotaped as EM orientation

9) Rewards for reviewers, authors, Associate Editors. a) Was discussed and aspects will be implemented next Spring.

10) Redundant IDs problem a) Task Force members are addressing the problem of out-dated e-mail addresses, which can slow reviewer assignment.

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